Thursday, January 30, 2014

Toronto Draws a Line...Telluride Responds/Oscar Nomination Revoked/Rudderless Sundance Review/Oscar Podcast

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I've been expecting this, especially after this past year's lineup at Telluride.  Yesterday, Thompson on Hollywood reported that the Toronto Film Festival will follow a new policy concerning its decisions about which films it will choose for it's opening and closing night slots as well as which films it chooses to feature the first few days of its fest.

The new policy is a direct response to Telluride's programming success over recent years.  The Thompson post is here:

Steve Pond at The Wrap also reported on the story yesterday:

Meanwhile, Telluride's Julie Huntsinger responded in an article from Variety saying, basically, "we're going to continue to do what we've always done.  Here's the link to that Variety post:

It'll be interesting to see how this pans out over the next 7 months and what effect it will have on which films end up where...including Venice.


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has rescinded the Best Original Song nomination for "Alone, Yet Not Alone".  The song had been at the center of a controversy from the moment of its nomination announcement two weeks ago due to some allegedly shady moves to secure its spot as one of the five nominees.

Gold Derby has the story and explanation:


Found another glowing review of William H. Macy's "Rudderless" from Sundance. It's from  The link is here:


Is "Gravity" the film to beat for Best Picture now?  Will there be a Best Pic/Best Director split like last year? Sasha Stone of Awards Daily tackles the Oscars in her 57th Oscar Podcast here:

More on Monday!  Have a great weekend!

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