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Delayed Film Awards Clearinghouse Vol. 3A/"Wild" Sounds and Views/Filming "The Homesman"/Return of a Weiner

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Again, my apologies.  This should have run last Thursday but I just flat ran out of time. Nevertheless, here is this season's first half of the third installment of The Film Awards Clearinghouse looking at the categories of Best Picture, Direction, Lead Actress and Lead Actor.  There has been some movement over the last two weeks since these four categories were last posted.

As always, The FAC uses the published predictions of the following to develop its list of likely Oscar nominees:

Kristopher Tapley/InContention/HitFix
Sasha Stone/Awards Daily
Bred Brevet/Rope of Silicon
Nathaniel Rogers/Film Experience
Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood
Peter Knegt/IndieWire
Clayton Davis/Awards Circuit
Scott Feinberg/The Hollywood Reporter

Telluride #41 films are Bold.
A film/person's rating in the last FAC is listed to the right in parentheses.


1) The Imitation Game (1)
2) Boyhood (3)
3) Birdman (2)
4) The Theory of Everything (4)
5) Unbroken (5)
6) Interstellar (6)
7) Gone Girl (8)
8) Whiplash (12)
9) Foxcatcher (7)
10) American Sniper (17)
11) Selma (11)
12) Mr. Turner (9)
13) Into the Woods (14)
14) Wild (15)
15) The Grand Budapest Hotel (16)

Hot: "Whiplash", "American Sniper"

Not: "Mr. Turner" and "Fury" which dropped to #16 and off the list.

Comment: "Whiplash" into release and doing well has aided its cause.  "American Sniper" benefited from a very good looking trailer.


1) Alejandro G. Inarritu/Birdman (1)
2) Richard Linklater/Boyhood (2)
3) Christopher Nolan/Interstellar (4)
4) Morten Tyldum/The Imitation Game (5)
5) Angleina Jolie/Unbroken (3)
6) David Fincher/Gone Girl (7)
7) Bennett Miller /Foxcatcher (6)
8) Clint Eastwood/American Sniper (NR)
9) Mike Leigh/Mr. Turner (10)
10) Ava Duvernay/Selma (NR)

Hot: Eastwood and Duvernay.

Not: James March/Theory of Everything and David Ayer/Fury who both dropped out of the top ten.


1) Julianne Moore/Still Alice (3)
2) Reese Witherspoon/Wild (1)
3) Felicity Jones/The Theory of Everything (2)
4) Rosamund Pike/Gone Girl (4)
5) Amy Adams/Big Eyes (5)
6) Hilary Swank/The Homesman (6)
7) Emily Blunt/Into the Woods (12)
8) Jessica Chastain/A Most Violent Year (7)
9) Shailene Woodley/The Fault in Our Stars (9)
10) Jessica Chastain/Eleanor Rigby (10)

Hot: Julianne Moore/Still Alice who has completed the march up the chart to sit at #1 and is, what many regard as, the undeniable favorite to win the award in February.  Also hot: Emily Blunt/Into the Woods.  She benefits hugely form the clarifying announcement that her co-star in the film, Meryl Streep, will be campaigned as a candidate for Best Supporting Actress.

Not: Nobody is really hurt.  The only actress dropping was Streep for the above mentioned reason.


1) Benedict Cumberbatch/The Imitation Game (1)
2) Michael Keaton/Birdman (2) 
3) Eddie Redmayne/The Theory of Everything (3)
4) Steve Carell/Foxcatcher (4) 
5) Timothy Spall/Mr. Turner (5)
6) Jack O'Connell/Unbroken (8)
7) David Oyelowo/Selma (6)
8) Bradley Cooper/American Sniper (15)
9) Bill Murray/St. Vincent
10) Ralph Fiennes/The Grand Budapest Hotel (10)

Hot: Cooper who also benefits from "American Sniper's" raised profile following the trailer's release. Otherwise, this category, which is regarded as the most competitive this year, is remarkably stable.

Not: Joaquin Phoenix/Inherent Vice.  The overwhelming reaction from Oscarologists after the film's screening at the New York Festival is that it's best shot at a nomination is for Best Adapted Screenplay.  "Vice" suffered significant setbacks in expectations for Phoenix as well as for Best Picture and Direction.

My bets right now are that "Birdman" surprises as Best Picture with wins for Inarritu and Keaton as well and I concur that Julianne Moore is likely your Best Actress winner...but that could all change as the season marches on.


New stills and soundtrack news from the Jean Marc Vallee film "Wild" starring Oscar hopeful and past Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon are out via The Playlist.  Here's the story and a couple of those new images:


Paula Bernstein of IndieWire posted her interview this week with cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto about his work on Tommy Lee Jones "The Homesman".  Prieto has been Oscar nominated for his work on Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain".  Check that interview here:


One of the highlights of the Telluride fest in 2009 was Todd Solondz's "Life During Wartime".  For my money, it's his best film.  Solondz's films have been frequently featured in Telluride.  In addition to "Wartime" his " Palindromes" and "Happiness" have also appeared at TFF.  His last film "Dark Horse" in 2011 did not make the lineup which leaves one wondering if Solondz's offbeat film making maybe has worn out its welcome at T-ride.  We may find out next year as news broke this week that he has a new film in the works titled (at least for now) "Wiener Dog" .  The film will reportedly connect a series of stories around a dog as the unifying object.  Additionally, Dawn Wiener, a character who we have seen in previous Solondz films is expected to return to this film in some fashion.

Here's the story from The Playlist:

That's all for now.  More on Thursday...

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