Monday, October 20, 2014

Oscar Matters/Looking at Leviathan/Birdman Flying/Imitation Game Momentum/Foxcatcher Full Trailer

Welcome to Monday everyone...

Got the youngest child married last night.  Much love and congratulations to the newlyweds Kelsey and Sean Sanders who are on a plane to Jamaica this morning.


In lieu of a fresh FAC update, here' the link to the newest Movie City News Gurus of Gold update which includes its latest charts for Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress.  You'll see that MCN's charts look a lot like where the FAC has been so far this fall.

The FAC will return with a new update next week.


One of my regrets about this year's TFF was that I missed "Leviathan".  It's a film that emerged as a possible Telluride player as a result of its Cannes run last May and my interest had been piqued since then.  For my last film in T-ride I had to pick between it and The Dardennes' "Two Days, One Night".  I chose "Two Days".  Pretty sure that was a mistake.

Nevertheless, I'll be waiting for the chance to catch "Leviathan" down the road somewhere, somehow.  To whet my appetite, Sony Pictures Classics has released a trailer for the Russian nominee for Best Foreign Language Oscar consideration.  You can get to it with either of the links below:


Alejandro Inarritu's "Birdman" opened this past weekend in New York and Los Angeles and will expand this Friday to other cities.  With that, here are a couple of notes.  The Playlist excerpts an Inarritu interview with in which he talks about the nature of "superhero" films among other topics.  Look at that here:

The Wrap's Steve Pond also talked to Inarritu:

Meanwhile, HitFix posted an interview with Zach Galifinakis and Amy Ryan on their roles in the film:

And this...There is a Birdman action figure.  Fox Searchlight posted the figure on and Oscar bloggers Kristopher Tapley and Jeff Wells both posted that they had received their talking Birdman over the weekend.

Look at it here:

The "Birdman" figure...I want one.


I think that if were betting right now on the Best Picture Oscar, my money would probably go on "Birdman"  (Sasha Stone thinks I'm nuts).  I have reasons...but that's not what this segment is about.  What it is about is that Morten Tyldum's "The Imitation Game" might be the film that I'd have in second place as the possible Best Picture spoiler.  

"Imitation" came out of Telluride with a big head of steam and that continued with an audience favorite award at the Toronto Fest.  Now, Thompson on Hollywood reports that the film has picked up another Festival award from The Hamptons Film Fest.  The momentum continues...


You've seen a number of teasers, clips and etc. for Bennett Miller's brilliant "Foxcatcher".  FirstShowing reports that we now have the first full trailer for the film.  Access the story and the film here:

More on Thursday...

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