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The Film Awards Clearinghouse Vol. 2B/New "Birdman" Clip/More from "The Imitation Game"

Hell on a Thursday...


Today, I'm updating the Supporting and writing categories.  These latest numbers show some effect of the end of the Toronto Festival as well as the screening of "Gone Girl" at the New York Fest and its subsequent release last weekend.

As always, The FAC uses the published predictions of the following to develop its list of likely Oscar nominees:

Kristopher Tapley/InContention/HitFix
Sasha Stone/Awards Daily
Bred Brevet/Rope of Silicon
Nathaniel Rogers/Film Experience
Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood
Peter Knegt/IndieWire
Clayton Davis/Awards Circuit
Scott Feinberg/The Hollywood Reporter

Telluride #41 films are Bold.
A film/person's rating in the last FAC is listed to the right in parentheses.


1) Patricia Arquette/Boyhood (1)
2) Keira Knightley/The Imitation Game (2)
3) Emma Stone/Birdman (4)
4) Laura Dern/Wild (3)
5) Meryl Streep (NR)
6) Jessica Chastain/Interstellar (7)
7) Carmen Ejogo/Selma (8)
8) Katherine Waterston/Inherent Vice (6)
9) Anna Kendrick/Into the Woods (9)
10) Kristen Stewart/Still Alice (10)

Hot: Streep who jumps into a nominees spot as the announcement came that she would be campaigned in Supporting rather than Best Actress.

Not: Emily Blunt completely drops from this list.


1) J.K. Simmons/Whiplash (1)
2) Edward Norton/Birdman (2)
3) Mark Ruffalo/Foxcatcher (3)
4) Ethan Hawke/Boyhood (4)
5) Logan Lehrman/Fury (6)
6) Tom Wilkinson/Selma (7)
7) Robert Duvall/The Judge (8)
8) Channing Tatum/Foxcatcher (9)
9) Domnhall Gleeson/Unbroken (10)
10) Josh Brolin/Inherent Vice (5)

Hot: Logan Lehrman moves into the fifth spot.

Not" Josh Brolin takes a big dive but does stay on the list...barely.


1) Gone Girl (6)
2) The Imitation Game (1)
3) The Theory of Everything (3)
4) Unbroken (1)
5) Wild (8)
6) Inherent Vice (5)
7) Into the Woods (7)
8) Still Alice (NR)
9) Sniper (4)
10) Men, Women and Children (9)

Hot: "Gone Girl" benefits hugely in this category following a great critical reception for its New York Film Festival opening.  "wild" and "Still Alice" also show strength.

Not: "Unbroken" remains as a "nominee" but dropped precipitously.  Also, "Sniper" inexplicably dropped six spots.


1) Boyhood (2)
2) Birdman (1)
3) Mr. Turner (5)
4) Interstellar (6)
5) The Grand Budapest Hotel (4)
6) Foxcatcher (3)
7) Whiplash (NR)
8) A Most Violent Year (7)
9) Fury (8)
10) Selma (9)

Hot: "Boyhood" jumps to the top spot and creates a bit of separation from "Birdman".  Also hot are "Whiplash" and, to a lesser extent, "Interstellar" and "Mr. Turner".

Not: "Foxcatcher" takes a three spot drop out of the "nominee" position it held a couple of years ago.


Alejandro Inarritu's "Birdman" is a week away from limited release here in the U.S. and Fox Searchlight continues to roll out promotional material.  This week came another clip from the film featuring Michael Keaton, Zach Galifinakis and Naomi Watts.  Check it and an accompanying story here from Rope of Silicon:


New  posters from "The Imitation Game"via The Playlist  

The Playlist posted this week an "Imitation Game" story with several new stills from the film in addition to the latest U.K. trailer (linked in my last post here on MTFB) and a couple of new posters (see above).  You can take a look at the entire story with its attendant goodies here:

More on Monday...have an exceptional weekend...

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