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The Film Awards Clearinghouse Vol. 3B-Supporting and Screenplays/Imitation Clip/Mike Leigh Talks Turner

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I'm updating the Supporting and Screenplay categories today on The FAC two weeks after the last update and that puts The FAC on what has become its regular schedule for this Oscar season.

The FAC uses the published predictions of the following to develop its list of likely Oscar nominees:

Kristopher Tapley/InContention/HitFix
Sasha Stone/Awards Daily
Bred Brevet/Rope of Silicon
Nathaniel Rogers/Film Experience
Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood
Peter Knegt/IndieWire
Clayton Davis/Awards Circuit
Scott Feinberg/The Hollywood Reporter

Telluride #41 films are Bold.
A film/person's rating in the last FAC is listed to the right in parentheses.


1) Patricia Arquette/Boyhood (1)
2) Kiera Knightley/The Imitation Game (2)
3) Emma Stone/Birdman (3)
4) Meryl Streep/Into the Woods (5)
5) Laura Dern/Wild (4)
6) Jessica Chastain/Interstellar (6)
7) Carmen Ejogo/Selma (7)
8) Katherine Waterston/Inherent Vice (8)
9) Sienna Miller/American Sniper (15)
10) Anna Kendrick/Into the Woods (9)

Hot: Miller who benefits from the rising notice of Clint Eastwood's "American Sniper".

Not: Kritsen Stewart who falls from the top ten.  Otherwise, this is a very stable category at the moment.


1) J.K. Simmons/Whiplash (1)
2) Edward Norton/Birdman (2)
3) Mark Ruffalo/Foxcatcher (3)
4) Ethan Hawke/Boyhood (4)
5) Tom Wilkinson/Selma (6)
6) Miyavi/Unbroken (14)
7) Christoph Waltz/Big Eyes (15)
8) Josh Brolin/Inherent Vice (10)
9) John Goodman/The Gambler (12)
10) Tyler Perry/Gone Girl (NR)

Hot: A lot: Wilkinson, who moves into the top five and Miyavi, Waltz, Brolin, Goodman and Perry who all make big moves.  For Perry, it's the first inkling that he might be a serious candidate here.

Not: Logan Lehrman/Fury, Robert Duvall/The Judge and Channing Tatum/Foxcatcher (as people realize that he'll be campaigned in the lead category). Wow, the Logan Lehrman balloon deflated faster than I've ever seen a potential nominee deflate.


1) The Imitation Game (2)
2) The Theory of Everything (3)
3) Gone Girl (1)
4) Unbroken (4)
5) Wild (5)
6) American Sniper (9)
7) Inherent Vice (6)
8) Still Alice (8)
9) Into the Woods (7)
10) Rosewater (12)

Hot: "American Sniper" as has been the case in other categories: Best Picture, Actor, Director...the trailer has put this film on the map as a potential Oscar candidate in a number of categories.  Also, Jon Stewart's :"Rosewater" moves into the conversation.

Not: "Gillian Flynn's :Gone Girl" loses a little steam over the last two weeks as does "Into the Woods".  Additionally, Jason Reitman's critically excoriated "Men, Women and Children" disappears from the chart altogether.


1) Boyhood (1)
2) Birdman (2)
3) Whiplash (7)
4) Mr. Turner (3)
5) The Grand Budapest Hotel (5)
6) Foxcatcher (6)
7) Interstellar (4)
8) A Most Violent Year (8)
9) Selma (10)
10) Wild Tales (12)

Hot: "Whiplash" which is really hot across the board this last couple of weeks.  Also "Wild Tales" which I don't really think has a great chance at this but would love it if it did get nominated.

Not: "Interstellar" lose a little steam but I suspect that it will bounce back to some degree when it is released.


Brad Brevet at Rope of Silicon drops a clip from early in "The Imitation Game" earlier this week on the ROS website.  I currently think "Imitation" is the second most likely Oscar winner for Best Picture (right behind "Birdman") and that could change as the Oscar season progresses.  Take a look at the clip and Brad's accompanying story here:


The Playlist excerpts Mike Leigh's interview from The Daily Beast earlier this week and also included his 35 minute "Mr. Turner" discussion from The New York Film Festival.  You can read and see/hear those here:

More on Monday...have a great weekend!

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