Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Visit from The Queen of Spain? / United Kingdom-Another Possible Scenario

Good Thursday Film Peeps...


Penelope Cruz in The Queen of Spain (still via IndieWire)

Universal/Spain released a teaser for Fernando Trueba's The Queen of Spain (La Reina de Espana) yesterday which got me to thinking that perhaps we should be thinking about that film as an addition to this year's Telluride lineup.

It might make some sense.

Trueba was a co-director of 2010's Chico and Rita, which played Telluride and, of course, the film's star Penelope Cruz was feted by T-ride in 2006 as one of its tribute recipients (along with a play of Volver which earned her a Best Actress nomination)

We also know that the film is dated for a Spanish release date of Nov. 25th which means that it might/could/probably would be ready for a screening at Telluride.

Check the teaser in either of these stories from The Playlist or IndieWire:


After posting on Tuesday the story about A United Kingdom (dir: Amma Assante) being chosen as the Opening film for the BFI London Film Fest I did a bit more checking.  The story that I linked from The Hollywood Reporter said that the film's presence there will be its "European" premiere which I took as an indication that it would almost have to play Telluride/Toronto or both.

I wanted to see the "European" premiere label from some other sources (and it appears in many places) but as I was doing that research a couple of things struck me.

First,  the BFI/LFF will open Oct. 5.  That tidbit smacked me in the face yesterday as I did some further research to find that...

Second, the New York Film Festival opens on Sept. 30.

Soooo...that means that A United Kingdom's "Euro" premiere status isn't as solid a clue as I first thought.  It's NOT ruled out for Telluride by any means but it COULD play Toronto and then the NYFF the first week of that fest and open BFI/LFF and meet the "European" premiere description. Or it could do all three North American fests.T-ride, TIFF and NYFF and then play BFI.

I'll need to gather more data.

PS-A United Kingdom won't be on tomorrow's Ten Bets list.

That'll wrap it up for this Thursday.  Come back tomorrow for the first Ten Bets for Telluride list for 2016.

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