Monday, June 13, 2016

Jarmusch Interview / Serge Bromberg in NYC / Annecy Animation Fest

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Director/Writer Jim Jarmusch talked recently to journalists at the Cannes Film Festival.  Jarmusch was there with Paterson, a small, quiet film that critics endorsed strongly.

Paterson also has a distribution deal with Amazon which I suspect will have some presence in Telluride this year.  Perhaps a major presence.

Those two factors mean that you have to consider a T-ride play for Paterson in a very serious fashion.

Here's Jarmusch's interview through the prism of The Playlist:


Scene from Laurel and Hardy's Battle of the Century from The Lincoln Center

Telluride regular Serge Bromberg played New York last night with a good chunk of the program he presented last fall in Telluride with his Retour Le Flamme.

If you've never seen Serge do his thing,  think about catching it the next time he brings it to the Labor Day wing-ding.  I caught it last year for the first time and enjoyed it thoroughly.  It's a film history lesson, musical-comedy, and a validation of the importance of film preservation.

Bromberg's presentation last night was covered by The Film Society of Lincoln Center here:


The Annecy Animation Festival is opening today in France.  That fest frequently is represented  at Telluride and I wouldn't be surprised if that connection doesn't show up again this year in some fashion.  Annecy runs today through the 18th.  Check this story from Variety as well as the festival's official website:

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