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Distribution: The Weinstein Company (and Variations) / Dardennes Re-Tool Unknown Girl / Trailering It's Only the End of the World

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Tracking the Weinsteins as distributors at Telluride for the past decade shows us that they've been a part of The SHOW for a good long while.  Here's their Telluride slate as Miramax or The Weinstein Company or Radius-TWC since 2006:

2006: Venus, Indigenes
2007: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, My Enemy's Enemy, I'm Not There
2008: Happy-Go-Lucky
2009: The Road
2010: The King's Speech
2011: The Artist, Butter
2012: The Sapphires  (also was represented during the Marion Cotillard tribute by James Gray and 5 min. of The Immigrant)
2013: The Unknown Known, Salinger, Tracks
2014: The Imitation Game", "Escobar: Paradise Lost"
2015: Carol

18 films over the past decade including Best Picture winners in 2010 and 2011.  With an average of 1.8 films and a presence every year at the fest, TWC and its ancillary companies are the third most prolific distributor and one of the most consistently represented at Telluride over the past decade.

Let's look at The Weinstein Company's playlist as it is listed today in IMDb:

Wild Oats

At this point, these look like the only films in the line at TWC that might have a shot at playing. Clearly the most probable is Garth Davis' Lion which is dated for a Nov. 25 release.  The other two films seem as if they don't have a big chance.  I wouldn't completely rule them out though.  Wild Oats stars Jessica Lange and Shirley McLaine and they're enough to make you wonder at least a little about the film.  

One other note...the dating for the release of John Lee Hancock's (The Blind Side, Saving Mr. Banks) The Founder starring Michael Keaton has me scratching my head.  It's set to come out a full month before T-ride/Toronto on Aug. 5th.  This is a film whose pedigree would (and did at one point) make me think that it would be both a T-ride possible and maybe a part of the Oscar convo.  That Aug. 5 date, though, takes it off the fall fest circuit and, for me anyway, sends up a red flare of concern.


Lion 60%
Wild Oats 30%
Ballerina 15%

 Tomorrow we look at Fox Searchlight.


Reports surfaced yesterday that the Dardennes Brothers have re-edited their Cannes entry The Unknown Girl.  The film is reported to have been shortened by seven minutes and had 32 separate cuts since its screening in May in France.

The film was received in a lukewarm fashion from critics when it debuted.  The Dardennes actions are said to have been in response to those concerns and further, they claim that some critics have seen the re-vamped version and say that it has improved.

If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that I still regard Unknown Girl as a real Telluride possibility.  Additionally, I had it on last week's initial Telluride Ten Bets list at #4.  This news, I think, strengthens the case that The Unknown Girl makes an appearance in the SHOW.

Coverage of the announced editing is here:


Trailer for Xavier Dolan's It's Only the End of the World via YouTube

Prior to the Cannes Film Fest in May, I would have regarded Xavier Dolan's It's Only the End of the World as a near dead certainty to make the TFF #43 lineup.  Dolan has been on fire here at the start of his career including success at Cannes and Venice and a Telluride slot in 2014.   Additionally, a cast that include Marion Cotillard, Lea Seydoux and Vincent Cassels seems T-ride friendly.

The critics chewed the film up after its premiere in France in May, however.  It had a dismal 4.46 average critic rating on the Urban composite (

After that the film took a huge nose dive in as far as I was concerned in terms of its SHOW profile. Then, at the end of  Cannes, it was named winner of the Grand Prix award.  That knocked me back a little and kept the film on my watch list.

The film still lacks a U.S. distributor and release date, though the release of its trailer yesterday reminded us that it is scheduled for release in Quebec on Sept. 21.

Here are stories covering the release of the trailer:

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