Thursday, June 9, 2016

Accidental Image and a Reminder / After Billy Lynn?

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Last March, in one of the 2016 Oscar season pieces that happened immediately after this past Oscar season finished, I mentioned that Mike Mills 20th Century Women might be a film worth keeping an eye on as a possible Telluride selection for TFF #43 and since then...nothing.

At the time, the film had no domestic distribution and according to an IMDb check, that's still true. Megan Ellison's Annapurna Pictures is among the producers on the film which stars Annette Bening, also set to appear in hubby Warren Beatty's Howard Hughes pic Rules Don't Apply.

Yesterday, it appears that someone leaked the first image of the film online which makes you think that, perhaps, the film is still on track for release and a possible run in some of the fall film fests.

Here's the image and the accompanying story from Film Experience:

Also, here's the IMDb page for 20th Century Women:


Ang Lee's Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk is set for release on Nov. 11 (ironically on the same day as Rules Don't Apply-mentioned above).

The film has a good deal of pre-Oscar buzz and it's certainly a long shot to play Telluride largely because Ang Lee, who used to play T-ride with some frequency, hasn't been back since 2005's Brokeback Mountain and also because Billy Lynn's distrib is Sony Pictures which hasn't exactly been a Telluride staple (unless you count their specialty arm-Sony Pictures Classics).

Nevertheless, because Lee HAS had a Telluride presence with Telluride in the misty past, I think you still take notice of his films and the slightest chance that they could make their way to southwestern Colorado.

To that end, we noticed news yesterday that Lee continues to prep for what seems to be his next project focusing on the Ali/Frazier "Thrilla in Manila" heavyweight championship fight.

The Film Stage reported on progress yesterday.  That report also relied on a Screen Daily interview.  Both are linked here:

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