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Distribution: Sundance Selects and IFC / Let the Sunshine In: Aquarius' First Trailer

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Yesterday I posted the first of this summer's pieces examining film distribution companies that have had serious presence at Telluride over the last decade or so.  As such, I began with Sony Pictures Classics which has had the biggest presence averaging around five films each year at the fest for the past 13 years.

With that as our introduction, it seems logical to me to continue our examination of distribs by generally taking them in the order of their general prevalence at the fest over the last dozen years or so which leads to today's combo pack of distribution organizations.  I pair Sundance Selects and IFC (Independent Film Channel) as they are partners.  They have collectively averaged around three films at Telluride each year which puts them in the second spot among distribs at T-ride.  So, let's look at their history at Telluride for these past several years:

Sundance Selects/IFC Films has been at Telluride recently as follows:

2003: Touching the Void, Intermission
2004: Nobody Knows
2005: Three Times
2006: Deep Water, Indigenes, Day Night Day Night
2007: Secret Sunshine, 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days, Jar City
2008: Hunger, Gomorrah, Flame and Citron, Everlasting Moments, The Good, the Bad and the Weird
2009: Fish Tank, Red Riding Trilogy, Life During Wartime, Vincere
2010: The Princess of Montpensier, Carlos, Tabloid
2011: Into the Abyss, Pina, The Forgiveness of Blood, The Kid with a Bike, Goodbye First Love
2012: Frances Ha, The Central Park Five, Everyday
2013: Blue is the Warmest Color
2014: Two Days, One Night, Seymour: An Introduction
2015: 45 Years

I, Daniel Blake trailer from YouTube

For 2016 consideration here is what IMDb reports for these distribution partners:

Sundance Selects:

Things to Come
The Unknown Girl
I, Daniel Blake
From the Land of the Moon

IFC Films

Personal Shopper

Analysis:  If you read yesterday's post, you already know that I'm under the impression that Personal Shopper is unlikely.  in as far as the Sundance Selects portion of the slates, I'm discounting From the Land of the Moon which was lambasted critically at Cannes and I know zippity-do-dah about Dancer (so...you know...it probably gets in and turns out to be the hit of the fest...).  The other four films have a real chance at making the T-ride lineup.

Things to Come has been in my sights since a successful play in Berlin.  Mia Hansen Love has also been to Telluride with Goodbye First Love...on the Sundance/IFC list above.  You might have noticed that I had it listed as being "close" to the "Ten Bets" list last Friday.

Graduation.  Critically well regarded at Cannes and also directed by a previous Telluride participant Cristian Mungiu who was in the SHOW in 2007 with 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days which you also see above as a past Sundance/IFC film.

I, Daniel Blake won the Palme which is enough for me to give it a serious look.  And finally...

The Unknown Girl which had a critically subdued reaction at Cannes but its from frequent Telluride players The Dardennes brothers which always makes a film a real threat to make the lineup.

As to IFC's Personal Shopper, if you saw my bit yesterday about Jeff Wells/Hollywood Elsewhere "hints", you'll know that it seems that the Olivier Assasyas film is probably not coming to T-ride.

Chances for these Sundance four:

The Unknown Girl 70%
Things to Come 65%
Graduation 50%
I, Daniel Blake 50%

Tomorrow's distributor: The Weinstein Company.


Aquarius starring Sonia Braga made a solid impression at Cannes in May.  Though it wasn't a winner in terms of prizes (many thought Braga would win Best Actress), it was universally lauded critically with the Reini Urban collective critical response putting it as the #8 film overall from all sections combined with a solid 7.22 average rating.

The film stars Braga as a woman who is the last hold out against a company that has bought all of the property surrounding the apartment in which she lives.

According to The Film Stage, Netflix currently has the U.S. distribution rights for the film which probably bodes well for a Telluride play as Netflix had its first presence at T-ride last year with Beasts of No Nation and Winter on Fire.

I had Aquarius just outside of last week's initial "Ten Bets" list.

The film's first international trailer appeared yesterday in a story from The Film Stage.  You can view it and peruse the story here:


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