Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Aquarius Acquired by Netflix / Following Up: Anderson and Haneke

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Various outlest reported yesterday that Cannes favorite Aquarius had been acquired for U.S. distribution by Netflix.  The streaming service also picked up Divines, a thriller that also played Cannes in the Directors Fortnight.  Aquarius earned strong reviews and a very solid combined 7.22 rating on the Reini Urban critics' collection.

The film also earned strong notices for its star Sonia Braga who, many Cannes observers thought, might well have been the best actress winner.  That didn't happen but there has been some talk of Braga being a potential Oscar candidate this year for her work in the film.

The Netflix play may make Aquarius a serious Telluride consideration.  Netflix had a substantail presence there last year with both Beasts of No Nation and Winter on Fire making the 2015 lineup. Up until this acquisition, I'm not really sure that Netflix had a truly strong candidate for T-ride.  Maybe War Machine...maybe...

In as far as Divines is concerned, it could be a possible consideration, but it was substantially less well received critically than Aquarius.  I'm not thinking that it's high on the list for T-ride.

Here's the coverage of the announcement from yesterday:


Updating a couple of stories that I covered within the last week.  First, the news that Paul Thomas Anderson may be on the way to making a new film with Daniel Day Lewis set in the fashion industry in  New York in the 1950's. published an interesting speculative piece about a possible fashion icon upon whose life and career the film might be based.

Check that here:

 And we learned additional news about upcoming Michael Haneke project, Happy End, starring Isabelle Huppert.

The Film Stage reports:

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