Thursday, June 16, 2016

Could Villenueve Return to Telluride? / Denial Trailer Denied

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Still from Arrival via Twitter (@MichaelNotCera)

Canadian film maker Denis Villenueve has made a strong impression at Telluride in the recent past with both Incendies appearing there in 2010 and Prisoners in 2013.  Then, last year, his Sicario was not on the Telluride bill but was at Toronto and one has to wonder if his Canadian-ness was a reason for that.  We don't know why Sicario wasn't on the program for TFF #42.

We have seen speculation that Villenueve's newest project, Arrival (formerly The Story of Your Life) will open in November in Great Britain.  Further, The Playlist, which provides the context for this story, flat out suggests a possible return for Villenueve to Telluride with the picture.

The synopsis sounds intriguing...aliens and humans trying to communicate with them... and it stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.  One fly in the ointment in terms of projecting it for Telluride is that it's in the Paramount stable for distribution and they don't often play at TFF, though they did play Telluride last year with Anomalisa.

The Playlist article is here:

 And Arrival's IMDb page is here:


Denial image via Indiewire

Mick Jackson's Denial hasn't appeared on my Telluride radar until the past few days.  An Indiewire post yesterday had, or appeared to have had trailer up for the film that stars Rachel Weisz, Timothy Spall and Tom Wilkinson.

It seems that it could land a spot at T-ride based on its release date- Spet. 30th and that its distributor is Bleeker Street which got its foot in the Telluride door last year as a partner with Netflix distributing Cary Fukunaga's Beasts of No Nation.

Denial is based on the true story of the libel suit between author Deborah E. Lipstadt (Weisz) and Holocaust denier David Irving (Spall).

At any rate, the trailer is not labeled as "private" both in the Indiewire story and at YouTube.  My guess is that we'll see the teaser relatively soon.

The Indiewire story is here:

Denial's IMDb page:

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