Monday, November 21, 2016

Many Manchester Moments This Week / Bleed for This Highlighted / Musical Notes on La La Land

It's Monday...wake up!

A parenthetical note before we begin...both Kenneth Lonergan's Manchester by the Sea and Ben Younger's Bleed for This opened this past weekend, thus explaining the slew of pieces/posts that we saw about both films from the latter part of the previous week...


Kenneth Lonergan's Manchester by the Sea was the focus of a good amount of publicity this weekendas it opened for public consumption.  The film has garnered terrific reviews ( 95 on Metacritic and 99% on Rotten Tomatoes) and is considered to be in play for a number of high profile Oscar nominations (Picture, Director, Original Screenplay and it has at least four cast members that are part of the conversation with Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams thought to be very likely nominees).

Consequently, here are links to a few of the stories for MBTS that popped at the end of the week:

Here's Anne Thompson's take on how the film was put together.

Kate Erbland/Indiewire  on the editing for the film.

And Indiewire's Bill Desowitz writes about the constrction of the film's flashback sequences.


Also opening this past weekend was Ben Younger's boxing flick based on the life of boxer Vinnie Pazienza.  Miles Teller (of Whiplash fame) plays Pazienza and Aaron Eckhart shines as his trainer Kevin Rooney).

The Hollywood Reporter posted this Miles Teller piece on Friday.  Meanwhile, the film's publicity folks posted this behind-the-scenes video on its Facebook page.


Last Thursday I posted a link to a story from Variety that featured among other things about the film, a focus on the music that is such a fundamental part of it.  As the weekend approached I started seeing stories elsewhere that included a full rendition of the song City of Stars from La La Land's soundtrack (it's a very likely Oscar nominee for Best Original Song).  The stories also included the complete track list from the film's forthcoming album (I can't really wait for the album to become available).

Here, for your listening pleasure is the YouTube version of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone dueting their hearts out:

And here are links to a three of those stories that include the duet as well as the film's official track list:

From The Film Stage.

From SlashFilm.

From The Playlist.

The film's soundtrack will reportedly be available on Dec. 9th, the day the film opens.


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