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And the Madness Continues: BFCA, L.A. and N.Y. Critics Weigh-In / Visual Effects Short List: TFF #43 Films in the Mix

It's the first Monday in December friends...and we're still here.


My last post on Thursday focused on the announcement of year end film awards recognition from The National Board of Review and The Gotham Awards.  The Independent Spirit Award nominations were announced the week before.  In those announcement came the first solid evidence that the TFF #43 lineup is going to be front and center as we move through the awards season.  I think many of us thought something extraordinary was happening over Labor Day.

The end of this week saw the announcement of of awards and/or nominations from The New York Film Critics Circle, The Los Angeles Film Critics Association and The Broadcast Film Critics Association (Critics' Choice Awards).  This latest round of awards seems to confirm the first onslaught.  Here's what happened at the end of this past week...

Three TFF #43 films have been dominant in these early accolades: La La Land, Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea.  There has also been reasonable mentions at various points for Arrival, Sully and Toni Erdmann.

The Broadcast Film Critics/Critics Choice nominations saw La La Land lead the field with 12 followed closely by Moonlight and Arrival with 10 each.  Manchester by the Sea had eight nominations.  Each of those four films had a nomination for Best Picture included in their haul. Additionally, Sully was nominated for Best Picture as well as three other awards.  Neruda and Toni Erdmann were nominated for Best Foreign Language Film.  All told TFF #43 films collected 46 BFCA nominations.

Coverage of the BFCA nominations is here from Indiewire and here from SlashFilm.

Meanwhile, The Los Angeles critics met yesterday and cast ballots and Barry Jenkins' Moonlight dominated with four awards including: Best Picture, Direction, Supporting Actor/Ali and Cinematography.  La La Land won Best Original Score and Isabelle Huppert was Best Actress in part for Things to Come (Elle was also mentioned).

La La Land and Manchester by the Sea were the runners-up in a number of categories.  La La was runner-up for Picture, director, film editing, cinematography and production design while Manchester finished second for Actor/Affleck, Supporting Actress/Williams and Screenplay.  Toni Erdmann was the Best Foreign Language Film runner-up.

Coverage and analysis of the L.A. critics is here from:


Entertainment Weekly


Movie City News

Awards Circuit

The New York Film Critics Circle announced their winners for 2016 on Thursday and Telluride 2016 films dominated that landscape as well with TFF accounting for awards in 75% of the NYFCC categories.  Damien Chazelle's La La Land was named Best Picture, Barry Jenkins Moonlight won Best Director, Best Supporting Actor/Mahershala Ali and Cinematography.  Kenneth Lonergan's Manchester by the Sea also was named thrice: Best Actor/Casey Affleck, Best Supporting Actress/Michelle Williams and Best Screenplay.  Isabelle Huppert was named Best Actress, in part for Things to Come.  Toni Erdmann was named the Best Foreign Language Film.

New York reportage can be found here from Indiewire and here from Entertainment Weekly.

Coming up this week will be the announcement of The American Film Institutes's list of Best Films as well as the Critics Choice Awards on Sunday.  Additionally, Golden Globe nominations are announced a week from today.

For my money, among all we've had slung at us awards wise over the past two weeks, I can tell you that I mostly pay attention to NBR, BFCA, NY and LA critics.  Among the news to come I pay most attention to: AFI, Golden Globe nominations, BAFTA nominations and the guilds: SAG, DGA, PGA, WGA.

For analysis of what some of these early nominations and awards may mean in the context of the Oscar race I have provided links here to Anne Thompson and Eric Kohn's ScreenTalk podcast as well as this piece from Awards Daily's Sasha Stone.


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the 20 films that have made their preliminary short list for the Visual Effects Oscar.  That's not a category that TFF films normally find themselves but this year two films from #43 are alive and kicking.  Clint Eastwood's Sully and Denis Villenueve's Arrival made the initial cut.  AMPAS will cut this list down to 10 for nomination voting. Awards Daily has the complete list here.

That's your Monday.  Stay tuned for more on Thursday.


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