Friday, August 25, 2017

Ten (20+) Bets #9 / How Loving Vincent Came To Be / Wormwood Revelations / It's Almost Rating Time

We're back to a Friday...August 25, 2017.  Six days to The SHOW!!!

TEN (20+) BETS #9

Here are the next to last wagers from Michael's Telluride Film Blog about what films will play at the 44th Telluride Film Festival next week.  Begin with a re-cap of last week's "Ten" Bets:

1) Downsizing
2) Wonderstruck
3) The Shape of Water
4) Battle of the Sexes
5) Darkest Hour
6) Loving Vincent
7) Hostiles
8) Lady Bird
9) A Fantastic Woman
10) The Rider
11) Visages/Villages
12) First They Killed My Father
13) Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool
14) The Other Side of Hope
15) Wormwood
16) Before We Vanish
17) Lean on Pete
18) First Reformed
19) Loveless
20) Foxtrot
21) The Insult

Now, this week's in order of likelihood:

1) The Shape of Water
2) Downsizing
3) Wonderstruck
4) Battle of the Sexes
5) Hostiles
6) Darkest Hour
7) Lady Bord
8) A Fantastic Woman
9) Visages/Villages
10) The Rider
11) Loving Vincent
12) Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool
13) The Other Side of Hope
14) First They Killed My Father
15) First Reformed
16) Loveless
17) Foxtrot
18) Lean on Pete
19) Wormwood
20) Before We Vanish
21) The Insult
22) Filmworker
23) Sea Sorrow
24) The Venerable W
25) Arthur Miller: Writer

Still could make The SHOW: You Were Never Really Here, L'Amant Double, Cold War, Marshall, Final Portrait, Our Souls at Night.


One of the more intriguing titles that we think is likely to play in Telluride next week is the hand painted full length feature film about the life of Vincent Van Gogh entitled Loving Vincent.  If you've seen the trailer you know that the film looks to be visually stunning.  Here is that trailer from YouTube:

If you're curious about how the film was made Indiewire has the story.

It's definitely on my list for consideration to see next week.


I've actually had people ask me if Wormwood really exists which isn't a crazy question.  To say it's been flying under the radar would be an understatement.

If you check out Errol Morris' IMDb entry doesn't list it anywhere on his resume.  But you know it's real because Venice is screening it.

After some digging I can tell you that it's a Netflix series starring Peter Sarsgaard.  IT is said to focus on a true life murder mystery that occurred in the 1950's and is expected to combine archival footage with re-enactments.  Here's the placeholder on the Netflix site:

And interviews with Morris over the last year where he has mentioned the project but certainly hasn't been terribly forthcoming.  Here are three of those:


Season Zero


Honestly, after I took a look at these, my interest is piqued.


Don't forget, my friends, I want your ratings of the films you see next weekend.  Use a 0-5 scale with 0 being "putrid" and 5 being "best film since..."

Have a great weekend and get rested up for next week.  More on Monday!


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