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FAC Update: Picture, Director/EFA's = Telluride/Amour and Royal/

Good Monday to Everybody!  Hope it was a good weekend.

The most hilarious tidbit I ran across this weekend was the news that John Cusack is putting together a biopic about Rush Limbaugh.  And, you know, I couldn't resist.  I have begun suggesting titles for the film via Twitter.  Look for the hashtag #rushlimbaughmovietitles.  No word yet from John Cusack's people if they like my suggestions...Here's one of them: "Life of (eating) Pie"...


After last week's massive 10 category post to update the Film Awards Clearinghouse, I'm back to updating 2-3 categories per week.  I expect to drop another full view of the Big Ten categories sometime between Thanksgiving and the end of the year.

The FAC reviews the Oscar predictions of the following to arrive at its "predictions":

Sasha Stone/Awards Daily
Scott Feinberg/The Feinberg Forecast-The Hollywood Reporter
Kristopher Tapley/InContention-HitFix
Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood-IndieWire
Peter Knegt/IndieWire
Brad Brevet/Rope of Silicon
Clayton Davis/Awards Circuit
Nathaniel Rogers/Film Experience
Alex Carlson/Film Misery

 As always the number in parenthesis to a title is its position vis-a-vis the last posting for that category on The FAC updates. Telluride #39 films are indicated in Bold. [ *** ='s HOT, ### ="s NOT].


1) Argo (1)
2) Silver Linings Playbook (2)
3) Lincoln (3)
4) Life of Pi (4) (see above Rush Limbaugh biopic joke)
5) Les Miserables (5)
6) The Master (6)
7) Beasts of the Southern Wild (7)
8) Amour (8)
9) Hitchcock (9)
10) Flight (10)
11) Zero Dark Thirty (11)
12) Django Unchained (12)
13) Moonrise Kingdom (New-ish)***
14) The Sessions (13)
15) Promised Land (14)

Dropping out (again) Anna Karenina


As you'd expect, a lot of stability as the prognosticators positions harden and a s there are fewer and fewer films that have yet to be seen (no changes in the 1 thru 12 spots).   "Moonrise" probably is getting a little kick from its DVD/VOD release last week (I finally saw it and thought it was terrific...very Wes Anderson-y...which I usually like).  Joe Wright's "Anna Karenina" is the film the suffers from that.


1) Ben Affleck/Argo (1)
2) Steven Spielberg/Lincoln (2)
3) Ang Lee/Life of Pi (3)
4) David O. Russell/Silver Linings Playbook (4)
5) Paul Thomas Anderson/The Master (5)
6) Tom Hooper/Les Miserables (6)
7) Michael Haneke/Amour (7)
8 ) Kathryn Bigelow/Zero Dark Thirty (8)
9) Benh Zeitlin/Beasts of the Southern Wild (9)
10) Sacha Gervasi/Hitchcock (10)

Comment: No changes at all here from last week.

Next week I'll update Picture and the Best Actress and Best Actor races.


"Amour" director Michael Haneke

It isn't a secret that there is usually a good deal of European cinema represented from year to year at Telluride. Cannes titles sprout like weeds and there is also usually a decent representation from the Berlin Festival.  Those connections were forcefully underscored this last weekend with the announcement of nominations for the European Film Awards...Here's what I mean...

EFA Best Picture includes: "Amour", "Shame", "The Hunt" and "Barbara"..4 of 6 nominees have Telluride pedigrees...

Best Direction: Haneke/Amour, Vinterberg/The Hunt, McQueen/Shame (3 of 5)

Best Actor: Fassbender/Shame, Mikkelsen/The Hunt, Trintignant/Amour (3 of 5)

Best Actress: Hoss/Barbara, Riva/Amour, Tiesel/Paradise Love (3 of 5)

Screenwriter: "Amour" and "The Hunt" (2 of 5)

Cinematography: "Amour" and "Shame" (2 of 5)

Editor: "Shame" and "The Hunt" (2 of 3)

Production Design: "A Royal Affair" (1 of 3)

Composer: "A Royal Affair" (1 of 4)

Overall 21 Telluride nominations in these 9 categories out of 41 possible nominations.

The Hollywood Reporter posted this story about the EFA's this weekend:

The complete field of EFA nominees can be found here:


Interviews with "Amour" writer/director Michael Haneke with Gold Derby and Alicia Vikander of "A Royal Affair"  with David Poland of The Movie City News:



And speaking of "A Royal Affair" (btw...met Mads Mikkelsen at The New Sheridan on the Saturday night of the festival...very quiet and unassuming...which was great.  He was flying under the radar, but when "Hannibal" starts airing on NBC with him as the title character, Hannibal Lecter himself, I suspect his days of U.S. anonymity are soon to be over), here's a post from The Hollywood Reporter with a clip from the film:


Both Film Experience and have posted Oscar analysis for where we are at this point in the season.  Check those out here:

Film Ex:


Kris Tapley and Anne Thompson's Oscar Talk podcast is here:
Sasha Stone and Erik Anderson have their Oscar Podcast up here:

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And here's the latest Feinberg Forecast of the Oscar race from THR analyst Scott Feinberg:

More on Thursday...

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