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Animation in France/Future Telluride: Villeneuve's Next Project/There is Another

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The annual Annecy Animation Film Festival is on the run in Annecy, France as I write.  The fest runs through June 20th.  As most of you know, Annecy films have often made a splash at Telluride so having a look at what's going on there can sometimes give insight into some of the shorts and occasional feature animated films that make up a portion of the Telluride program.

Both "Paperman" and "Get a Horse" made an appearance at Annecy before showing up at the SHOW.

Variety is keeping track of the goings on in France and you can take a look at their reporting here:

Annecy's official website is here:


Denis Villeneuve, who has made a couple of stops at Telluride over the years ("Incendies" in 2010 and "Prisoners" in 2013) and who could be back again this year ("Sicario") has a number of irons in the proverbial fire.  Villeneuve is famously on board to direct the long gestating sequel to Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" but before that happens, he will finish work on "Story of Your Life".

"Story" is scheduled to be release in 2016 and is set to be distributed through Paramount and FilmNation Entertainment.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed yesterday that character actor Michael Stuhlbarg has been added to the cast of the film that already has Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner in key roles.

Whether we see the film in 2016 at Telluride may depend on how Villeneuve and Lionsgate play the roll out of his upcoming "Sicario" which played at Cannes and is set for U.S. release on Sept. 18. The disposition of the "Sicario" vis-a-vis Toronto (Villeneuve is Canadian) could give us some clues.

Here's the THR story on the Stuhlbarg casting:


I've spent a lot of time and energy over the last year and a half on the chances that Werner Herzog's "Queen of the Desert" might or might not make a play at Telluride.  Despite middling reviews from its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, I still feel like it's a reasonably good shot at playing The SHOW.

It seems, however, that Werner may also have another poker in the fire.  Following on yesterday's "Venice" speculation piece, which casually suggested that Herzog's "Salt and Fire" might be ready for that fest which would also mean that it'd be ready for T-ride.

"Salt and fire" is listed by IMDb as being in post-production.  The film's cast is reported to include Michael Shannon and Telluride favorite Gael Garcia Bernal.

IMDb calls it a thriller and lists the ambiguous "2015" as a release date.

So, maybe Herzog brings one or both films to the San Jauns over Labor Day.

"Salt and Fire's" IMDb page is here:

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