Friday, June 26, 2015

Future Telluride: "Wilson" Begins Filming/Coppola and Insdorf Talk Film/2015's First "Ten Bets"

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Once director now producer of "Wilson", Alexander Payne

Principal photography has begun on "Wilson" a film that, at one point was to be directed by Alexander Payne but is now under the direction of Craig Johnson ("The Skeleton Twins").  Payne is still listed as a producer which makes me think that it is still a film that we probably should have on our T-ride 2016 watch lists.

"Wilson" will star Woody Harrelson, Judy Greer and Laura Dern.

I have linked reporting from Thompson on Hollywood and The Playlist:


It seems like it should have, has happened at Telluride.  Long time Telluride interviewer Annette Insdorf sat down with legend Francis Ford Coppola for 92Y's Reel Pieces series.  The 30 minute interview and brief story can be found here:


It's the last Friday in June and that means it's ponce again time for me to put my figurative money where my mouth is and take a stab at naming ten films that I think have a real shot at making the Telluride lineup for this year.

If the past is any guide, anywhere from five to seven of the following films will actually end up being a part of the TFF #42 lineup.

I'll continue through the rest of the summer posting revised "Ten Bets" lists each Friday right up to the final "Ten Bets" a day or two before the official lineup is announced. goes nothin':

#10) "Queen of the Desert" Despite it's sub par critical reception at Cannes I expect Werner Herzog's film to make The SHOW.

#9) "Suffragette"  Makes the list, barely, on the thinnest of's "European" premiere designation for the London Film Fest.

#8) "Truth" The Dan Rather story starring Robert Redford from SPC

#7) "45 Years"  Double acting wins at Berlin and from the Sundance Selects/IFC Films stable.

#6) "13 Minutes" Also a Berlin standout from SPC

#5) "I Saw the Light"  Other than it's from SPC, I have no other really great reason that I think it'll play T-ride...but I have a feeling...

#4) "Youth" Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel earned high praise at Cannes and it may be Fox Searchlight's strongest shot at awards season.

#3) "Carol" from Todd Haynes, who I'm predicting returns to Telluride with this awards season shot from The Weinstein Company.

#2) "Son of Saul"  SPC's Cannes sensation.

#1) "Dheepan"  I really do anticipate that Jacques Audiard returns to Telluride with this year's Palme d"Or winner.

On the outside...but close: "Macbeth", "Our Little Sister", "He Named Me Malala", "Demolition", Freeheld", and something from Warners: "Our Brand is Crisis", "Black Mass" or "In the Heart of the Sea"

That's your first "Ten Bets" and that's all for this week...more on Monday...

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your assessment of 'Dheepan', 'Son of Saul', '45 Years', and 'Carol'. Telluride patrons are smart and generally an older crowd and so I think they curate the festival knowing this. I think there is going to be one big documentary premiere sneak like in years past with 'Salinger' and 'Tales of the Grimm Sleeper'. I think 'He Named Me Malala' is poised to be that big doc sneak and it is very much in line with Telluride patrons' sensibilities so I wouldn't rule that one out.

Michael Patterson said...

I also think that "Malala" has a really good shot at playing the fest.