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"Hateful Eight" is a Dish Served Cold...Really Cold and Other "Hateful" News/"Black Mass" Poster and Pics/"Suffragette" Musings

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Samuel L. Jackson told the world last week that Quentin Tarantino kept his "Hateful Eight" set chill...very chill.  Jackson was quoted as saying that the set was refrigerated to create and keep the reality of the freezing, snowy conditions.  Check the story here from Rope of Silicon:


We still wish that we'd see it on Labor Day weekend...but doubt that will happen.

In other "Hateful" news, Rope of silicon was reporting yesterday that Tarantino is going to aid in the retro-fitting of up to 50 screens nationwide to be able to screen the new film in the 70mm format that he's shot it in.  I'd also point out that T-ride has the capability to screen in 70 mm.

Here's the story from ROS:



"Black Mass" poster

Scott Cooper's "Black Mass", the story of gangster Whitey Bulger played by Johnny Depp remains one of four films from Warners that are on my watch list for T-ride '15.  The others: "In the Heart of the Sea", "Our Brand is Crisis" and "Midnight Special".  

The film dropped what was described by The Playlist as a teaser poster, which you see above.

Take a look at the new pics from the film that are also included as a part of The Playlist's post from yesterday:



"Suffragette" trailer via YouTube

I keep coming back to the London Film Festival announcement form last week that Sarah Gavron's "Suffragette" will open the BFI LFF in early October and their listing of the film as its "European" premiere. (MTFB-June 4)

As Anne Thompson mentioned in her "Screen Talk" podcast that I linked here yesterday...the "European" designation means that the film will have played somewhere in North America before LFF.  As others noted in the analysis of the original announcement, that also means that it will not have played Venice.

I think the key to parsing this out is whether or not the LFF announcement and its designating the film as an "European" premiere means that it is NOT the film's "International" premiere.  If LFF is designating it as "European" as opposed to "International" because they wish to be specific in terms of that designation, then I believe the chances that "Suffragette" plays Telluride go way up. If the choice to designate as "European" makes this distinction, then it likely means that the film will have played Toronto and either New York or T-ride (or both).  In the scenario of choosing one over the other, Telluride may have the upper hand.

If, on the other hand,  it is NOT an LFF distinction of any real consequence, then the odds for "Suffragette" in the San Juans remain moderate at best.  Of course, there's no way (at least that I have found yet) to determine whether LFF officials made this calculation when they announced the film as a "European" premiere last week,

Something to think about, though...

More on Wednesday...

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