Monday, June 22, 2015

Trailers: "He Named Me Malala and "45 Years"/InContention in Limbo

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These are two films that I have a pretty good vibe for showing up at the SHOW for differing reasons.  "Malala" is a much hyped documentary from Fox Searchlight".  "45 Years" was well reviewed and award winning at Berlin with U.S. distribution by Sundance Selects.  Both could show up Friday on the season's first MTFB Ten Bets List.  Check to see on Friday.

Anywho...since Friday, both films have released trailers.  "Malala's" can be viewed here:

"He Named Me Malala" trailer via YouTube

Additionally, you can look at a number of stories that accompanied the trailer release here:

Meanwhile, you can catch the "45 Years" trailer here:


It popped over the weekend...the four year mix of HitFix being the home for Kristopher Tapley's InContention Oscar awards coverage will come to an end.  The two joined in 2011, but have come to a parting of ways.

It matters to me because Kris has been a generous soul to me over the last few years that I've been plunking along at this blog.  Always kind. Always quick to introduce me to real players in the biz that he knows.  A class act all the time.  So, naturally the shift caught my eye.

This story is the announcement from Tapley:

Also coverage from Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood and Jeff Wells/Hollywood Elsewhere:

More on Tuesday...

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