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Telluride's Annual Party/"Sicario" Trailer/Looks at "Carol", "Youth", "Macbeth", "The Lobster"

It's Friday!


Each summer, the Telluride Film Festival hosts a swank party at The London Hotel in Los Angeles and celebrates the festival with friends.  The 2015 version of that happened Wednesday evening.  I've tried to use it to read the tea leaves with limited success the last couple of years.  Fortunately, I can rely on Pete Hammond's/ report of the story to provide a little bit of film choice speculation for TFF #42.

Hammond mentions that a number of the "usual suspects" were at the wing ding: Werner Herzog, bigwigs from Sony Pictures Classics, Fox Searchlight and Roadside Attractions.

Hammond specifically mentions SPC projects "Son of Saul" and "Truth", The Weinstein Company's "Carol" (see below), Fox Searchlight's :"Youth" (also see below).

The presence of the folks from Roadside Attractions is interesting.  RA has a couple of films that could well be in the mix come Telluride time: "The Sea of Trees" and "A Hologram for the King", for example.  They could also dip into the films that their partners Lionsgate ("Freeheld" and "Sicario"...see below) have available.

Read Hammond's entire report here:


Speaking of Denis Villeneuve's "Sicario", which I did above as well as in yesterday's post, we have a trailer!

"Sicario" trailer via YouTube

I've linked a few stories that dropped the trailer as well:


Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood shared a compilation of footage put together by the European production house (and in on all four of these films) Film4.  The compilation is about 10 minutes from the four films.  You can look at it on Anne's post here:

Of the four, all could play T-ride.  I'd list them in order of likelihood as 1) "Youth", 2) "Carol", 3) "Macbeth" and 4) "The Lobster"

Speaking of lists, the first Ten Bets for 2015 is a week away.  Look for it in next Friday's post.

And with that...have a great weekend everyone...

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