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Knight of Cups/New from Michel Gondry: "Microbe and Gasoline/Predicting Venice


Terrence Malick remains the auteuriest of auteurs.  His next feature: "Knight of Cups" has been gestating for a good long while and from reports seems to be ready to launch.  Malick has never played Telluride, though you'd think that his best stuff would do very well there.  And a reminder, purportedly "Tree of Life" was screened in Telluride in 2011 for Fox Searchlight which led to them acquiring and distributing the film.

To the end that "Knight" could make the T-ride 2015 lineup, here's this note that a bunch of new stills can be found in this post from The Playlist:


Michel Gondry's latest film "Microbe and Gasoline" dropped an International trailer yesterday (it's in French) and that's what you can view here:

"Microbe and Gasoline" trailer via YouTube

The film currently lacks distribution but Gondry was feted by Telluride in 2004, not as a tribute recipient, however.  Nevertheless, Gondry's latest has to be at least a consideration for T-ride inclusion.


Nicholas Bell writing for Ioncinema posted a set of predictions for possible selections for the Venice Film Fest.  Regular readers of MTFB know that, on average, Venice and Telluride will share about three titles (last year it was five: "Birdman", "Ida", "The Look of Silence" "99 Homes" and "The Price of Fame").

If Bell's prognostications are close, one wonders, what might double as a Venice/Telluride play?Among the films he lists as possible Venice fare, the films that seem most likely to make the quick turnaround to Telluride are:

Jeff Nichols' "Midnight Special"
Todd Solondz's "Wiener Dog"
Werner Herzog's "Salt and Fire"
Frederick Wiseman's "In Jackson Heights"
Luca Guadaginino's " A Bigger Splash"

There's more.  Take a look at the following link from Ioncinema:

More on Thursday...

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