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Cousins Return?/"Youth" Arrives in December/"Three Generations" Release Date Too/Thompson Talks "Carol" with Haynes and Nagy

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Mark Cousins had been a consistent part of the Telluride program this last half decade until last year. Cousins had been involved in Telluride's program for many years beginning in 2009 with "The First Movie" and continuing in  2011 with "The Story of Film: An Odyssey".  He continued in 2012 with "What is this Film Called Love?" and in 2013 with "The Story of Children and Film" and "Here Be Dragons".

In 2014 Cousins didn't make the Telluride SHOW (despite having "Life May Be" as a possible entrant).

So, in 2015?  Cousins could return.  His "I Am Belfast" is finished and has been announced for the Karlovy Vary documentary lineup (that fest runs in early July).  Cousins has often played Karlovy Vary prior to bringing his films to Telluride.

I have linked a couple of stories about the announcement of "I Am Belfast's" inclusion for the Karlovy Vary Fest as well as the film's IMDb page:


Fox Searchlight has dated Paolo Sorrentino's Cannes competition entry "Youth" for a Dec. 4 release date in the U.S. according to Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood:

The awards friendly date continues to suggest that the film which received relatively good reviews, especially for Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel and Jane Fonda's performances, could easily slide into the program in T-ride on Labor Day.  Sorrentino's last film "The Great Beauty" won the Best Foreign Language Oscar in 2014.


The Weinstein Company is wasting little time.  TWC acquired Gaby Dellal's transgender drama "Three Generations" for $6 million during the Cannes Fest last month and has already slated it for a September release.  The 18th to be exact.  That's a small two week window after this year's Telluride Fest begins but it's not without precedent that a TWC film could play T-ride and then hit theaters that quickly.

Two years ago, "Salinger" opened in the U.S. a week after it was s screened in Telluride.  So don't count out "Three Generations" in your Telluride speculation.



Anne Thompson recently talked to "Carol" director Todd Haynes and screen writer Phyllis Nagy about the upcoming film starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.

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