Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Amazing Grace" Won't Play Toronto Either / Digging into Awards Season Post-Telluride / "Carol" Score and Interviews / Rate, Rate, Rate

Welcome to Wednesday!

Most of the world that was at Telluride has now returned to home.  Not recovered yet, but getting closer.


Looks like it's all over for the chance to see Sidney Pollack's 1972 documentary "Amazing Grace" at any point along the fall film fest gauntlet.

The film which was set to play Telluride last weekend was pulled at the last minute as a result of an injunction from a Colorado judge.  That decision came late enough in the fests planning that TFF directors were telling journalists that they still were planning on screening the film as late as the press orientation last Friday afternoon.

As the weekend turned into the start of this week word came that it would not screen at the Chicago Film Fest and now it has been removed from the Toronto lineup (TIFF opens on Thursday).

Apparently Toronto decided that the legal battle would not result in the rights to screen the film.

Coverage here from Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, Thompson on Hollywood and ShowBiz411:


I started it yesterday...the transition from MTFB to more of The FAC-Film Awards Clearinghouse, with an overview of TFF #42 films that seemed to have kept or earned their way into at least some level of the conversation about year end awards consideration.  For the next few days, I'll continue to delve into that area with articles, stories and posts that focus on Telluride and awards potential from the experts in the field.

Today I point to a post-Telluride conversation in the second of a series based at The Hollywood Reporter and the early view from Variety/InContention's Kristopher Tapley:


The Film Stage has excerpted portions of the score for Todd Haynes "Carol" as well as interviews with Haynes and and star Rooney Mara.  If you loved "Carol" and many did...this is a great way to re-live some of the film as you wait to re-view it on its release on Nov. 20.


They've begun to show up in my inbox.  The ratings for films from Telluride.  I had about half a dozen from The People yesterday as well as four from The Pros.  Keep them coming in folks!

Please rate each film you saw on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being abysmal and 5 being perfection.  If you want to rate with half points (ex: 4.5) that's cool too.

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