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The Composite Telluride / Telluride Films Dominate in Toronto / Viva for Ireland / Notes from a Telluride First Timer

Welcome back from the weekend, my friends...It's Monday and we're all back at it (if we ever actually stopped)...


 I have been collecting a semblance of critical response about Telluride's films each if the last four years with both The Professionals (called The Critic's Telluride in the first incarnation in  2012) and the People.  In 2013, I also began combining the ratings from both sets of responses to get and even broader perspective on the films that had played the festival.

In 2013 the top five composite films were:

1) 12 Years a Slave (9.25)
2) Tim's Vermeer (8.97)
3) Gravity (8.75)
4) Nebraska (8.38)
5) All is Lost (8.26)

In 2014 the top five were:

1) Birdman (9.18)
2) Foxcatcher (8.83)
3) The Imitation Game (8.79)
4) Wild Tales (8.43)
5) '71 (8.15)'s the Composite Telluride combining the ratings from The Pros and The Peeps.  There were a total of 11 films that were shared by sufficient ratings from both groups to make the composite list ...drum roll please...

1) Spotlight (8.86)
2) Son of Saul (8.74)
3) Beasts of No Nation (8.62)
4) Steve Jobs (8.17)
5) Carol (8.13)
6) Black Mass (7.98)
7) Room (7.97)
8) 45 Years (7.84)
9) Anomalisa (7.78)
10) Suffragette (7.07)
11) He Named Me Malala (6.22)

"Ixcanul", "Marguerite" and "Rams" made the Peoples list (the criteria being that at least a third of respondents had to have included a film in their ratings to make the list).  Meanwhile, The Pros included "Time to Choose" and "Taxi" but The People did not.

The greatest agreement between the groups was the relatively low ratings for both "Suffragette" and "He Named Me Malala".  The largest disparity came on the films "Room" and "Anomalisa".  The People loved "Room" but the Pros significantly less warm about the film.  On the other hand, The Pros loved Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson's "Anomalisa" (their #2) and it was the lowest rated film that made the People's list.

Other notes:

I pointed out last Thursday that the #2 spot on all three previous People's ratings had gone on to win Best Picture.  I should point out, that, as you can see above, the first 2013 and 2014 leaders in the Composite  ratings were those same films ("12 Years a Slave" and "Birdman").  Does this bode well for "Spotlight"?  That's a "Maybe".  There are still a lot of BIG films that no one has seen yet that could be big time Oscar players: "The Revenant", "Hateful 8", "Joy", "Bridge of Spies", "In the Heart of the Sea"...others.

Still, I've certainly said it since Telluride weekend, if there is a film that would keep the T-ride Oscar streak alive, "Spotlight" is it.

Something else you almost certainly noticed is that "Spotlight" is the lowest rated #1 film of these three years.  As a matter for fact, it would have been at #3 on the 2013 list behind both "12 Years a Slave" and "Tim's Vermeer".

Follow all the developments concerning Telluride 2015 films and the awards season here at MTFB/The Film Awards Clearinghouse.

I'm currently planning a preliminary first run of The FAC in the next week to ten days.


The Toronto International Film Festival announced its prize winners yesterday and films that played as a part of Telluride's lineup did very well.  Lenny Abarhamson's "Room" took top honors, the People's Choice Award and TIFF film goers also chose TFF #42 documentary "Winter on Fire" won the People's prize for Best Doc.  Tom McCarthy's "Spotlight", also a TFF #42 choice was 2nd runner-up in the main category.

Complete TIFF winners are here:


Ireland has announced that it will submit TFF #42 film "Viva" as its official entrant into the Best Foreign Language Oscar sweepstakes.  To the best of my knowledge, it becomes the fourth TFF #42 film to be so designated following "Son of Saul" from Hungary, "Rams" from Iceland and "Ixcanul" from Guatemala.

I have included coverage of the Irish announcement here from The Hollywood Reporter, IFTN and RTE:


Do you remember your first Telluride experience?  I remember mine.  The wife and I had really very little idea what we had been invited to.  We arrived half way through the fest in 2006 and had been gifted a handful of individual passes.  We stood in line at The Chuck on Saturday evening after some confusion about the whole "Q" process and then got in and got seated.

We knew a bit about the film we were about to see but not a ton.  We shifted in our seats anxiously and then the venues MC approached the mic to introduce the film, which I fully expected, and then, to our surprise, the director was introduced.  The director was Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and the film was "Babel".  As Inarritu began to talk about why he made the film, I turned to Kristy and we made eye contact...big, wide-eyed eye contact...this was clearly something special.

We moved through the remainder of the weekend in awe and when our hosts if we'd like to come back in 2007, our response was an overwhelming YES!

I expect most of us who attend Telluride with regularity have some similar story.

So. with that in mind, let me direct you to Kenny Miles.  Mr. Miles attended TFF for the first time this year.  The Denver based film critic and writer also served as a part of The Professionals rating this year's films.  Kenny posted last week about his first TFF experience and also wrote a bit about his inclusion on the MTFB Pros raring cavalcade.  It's a fun read.  Check it out here:

That's a wrap for this Monday.  The next post comes Thursday with a new feature.  I'll put together the top ten films from the last three Tellurides from the composite ratings that we've seen.

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