Saturday, September 5, 2015

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Day Two of TFF #42...


So, I got back to the condo very late on Thursday night and got to work on the post that went up yesterday.  As I was working through the various modes of information gathering that I use, I opened an email that had a curious address and subject line, but that's not unusual during Telluride week.

Turns out it was from Eason Jordan who is the Director of Special Projects for The Malala Fund. The message said that he and Malala's father, Ziauddin Yousafzai had been reading the blog and that they had particularly noted that I had written about her and being a teacher (in my real life job) on Wednesday.  Go look at it, I'll wait...

I was a little bit passionate.

Well, Mr. Jordan expressed an interest on the part of Ziauddin to

I was floored.  Stunned.  I kind of thought it might be a hoax but I responded to Mr. Jordan and through a series of texts...well...

That's the father of a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a fellow teacher allowing another teacher to express his gratitude.  I was blown away by his warmth and kindness.  My thanks to Eason Jordan, who was beyond gracious in putting the two of us together and to Ziauddin for taking the time.  Also a big thank you to my wife who was also saluted by both men for for also being a part of the teaching profession and who also took some of the pictures.

One of the greatest moments in Telluride and really, in my life.


If you had plans to catch the Aretha Franklin documentary "Amazing Grace", those plans got radically altered at the last minute yesterday as a Colorado judge granted Franklin an injunction to keep the film from screening here in Telluride.

As I finish writing this post, it appears that the Fest has made its peace with the ruling and that other films will be scheduled in the spots that "Grace" was going to play.  For example, "Carol" is replacing it in the 10:30 pm slot at the Galaxy tonight (see all the TBA info below).

I've linked The Hollywood Reporter story about the legal proceeding and decision here:


Yesterday: "Malala" and "Carol".  Today:

"Anomalisa" or "45 Years" or Retour de Flamme"
"Steve Jobs"
And if I still have any juice, maybe "Marguerite"

Saturday TBAs
• 17 Viva Galaxy 1:15 PM
• 10 Room Werner Herzog Theatre 1:30 PM
• 16 Mom and Me Masons Hall Cinema 3:30 PM
• 20 Rams Werner Herzog Theatre 4:00 PM
• *b Sherpa Sheridan Opera House 4:15 PM
• G Dreaming Against the World + Tyrus Le Pierre 6:00 PM
• 41 Great Expectations Masons Hall Cinema 6:30 PM
• 7a Steve Jobs Galaxy 7:30 PM
• C Heart of a Dog Masons Hall Cinema 10:00 PM
• 1a Carol Galaxy 10:30 PM
• Noon, Elks Park
“To what extent can fiction films grapple with historical abuses?”
with Meryl Streep, Sarah Gavron, Tom McCarthy, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, László Nemes, Géza Röhrig
AMAZING GRACE will not be shown at this year's festival due to an injunction filed by Aretha Franklin. All slots where AMAZING GRACE was scheduled will be filled with another of our festival films.


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