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The Final Tabulation / Oscar Predictions Coming into Focus after Toronto / New Looks at Films You May Have Already Seen; "Steve Jobs" and "Suffragette"

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For hoots, I've decided to add one more numerical review of the films that have played at Telluride and include the data from all three of the years that I have been doing the Composite Telluride.  I thought it might be interesting to see what the collective wisdom had concluded were the best films when all three years were considered together.  So, here are the top ten films from the last three fests according to The Composite Telluride (the combination of both The People's Telluride and The Professionals Telluride).

The films are listed in reverse order from #10 to the top spot and the year they appeared at T-ride and their composite rank are in parenthesis:

10) Wild Tales ('14/8.43)
9) Beasts of No Nation ('15/8.62)
8) Son of Saul ('15/8.74)
7) Gravity ('13/8.75)
6) The Imitation Game ('14/8.79)
5) Foxcatcher ('14/8.83)
4) Spotlight ('15/8.86)
3) Tim's Vermeer ('13/8.97)
2) Birdman ('14/9.18)
1) 12 Years a Slave ('13/9.25)


Telluride's done.  Venice is done.  Now Toronto is done.  The pundits start to get serious now.  I have linked a number of early season, post fall fest Oscar predictions in this section of today's post>  Starting with Matthew Jacobs and The Huffington Post.  HP suggests that Telluride's influence will be seen in major nominations as follows:

Best Picture: "Carol", "Room", "Spotlight" and "Steve Jobs"
Best Actress: Blanchett/"Carol", Larson/"Room". Rampling/"45 Years"
Best Actor: Depp/"Black Mass", Fassbender/"Steve Jobs"
Best Supporting Actress: Mara/"Carol", Winslet/"Steve Jobs"
Best Supporting Actor: Elba/"Beasts of No Nation", Keaton/"Spotlight"
Best Direction: Boyle/"Steve Jobs", McCarthy/"Spotlight"

The complete rundown of Jacobs/HP's predictions is here:

Vulture's Kyle Buchanan's latest Oscar assessment looks like this from a Telluride perspective:

Best Picture: "Carol", "Son of Saul", "Spotlight", "Steve Jobs"
Director: Boyle/"Steve Jobs", Haynes/"Carol", McCarthy/"Spotlight"
Actor: Fassbender/"Steve Jobs", Rohrig/"Son of Saul"
Actress: Blanchett/"Carol", "Larson/"Room", Rampling/"45 Years"
Supporting Actor: Elba/"Beasts of No Nation", Rogen/"Steve Jobs", "Ruffalo/"Spotlight
Supporting Actress: Mara/"Carol", "Winslet/"Steve Jobs"

Check Buchanan's complete post here:

Meanwhile, post-Toronto, Gold Derby has seen a spike in the popularity of "Spotlight" as a possible Best Picture winner.  It has moved to the top of their collective prediction chart at odds of  11 to 2 to win the big prize.  Other T-ride films making some noise and their odds are:

"Steve Jobs" 8 to 1
"Carol" 14 to 1
"Room" 22 to 1
"Beasts of No Nation" 33 to 1
"Black Mass" 50 to 1
"Suffragette" 80 to 1
"Son of Saul" 80 to 1
"45 Years" 100 to 1

Looking at their other odds for other major categories, their collective consciousness suggests nods for TFF #42 alumni as follows:

Director: McCarthy/"Spotlight", Haynes/"Carol, and Boyle/Steve Jobs"
Actor: Fassbender/"Steve Jobs", Depp/"Black Mass"
Actress: Blanchett/"Carol", Larson/"Room" and Mulligan/"Suffragette"
Supporting Actor: Keaton/"Spotlight", Elba/"Beasts of No Nation" and Edgerton/"Black Mass"
Supporting Actress: Mara/"Carol", Winslet/"Steve Jobs"
Original Screenplay: "Spotlight"
Adapted Screenplay: "Steve Jobs", "Carol" and "Room"

Complete Gold Derby coverage is here:

And, while not exactly awards coverage, Metacritic put up a large article this week that measured the critical response from a number of high profile films that played in some combination of the fall fest trifecta.  From that post, these Telluride films were included (and I have included their Metacritic average score):

"Anomalisa" 99
"Beasts of No Nation" 82
"He Named Me Malala" 59
"Heart of a Dog" 71
"Room" 74
"Spotlight" 81
"Steve Jobs" 84
"Suffragette" 65

The complete Metacritic rundown is here:


Here is new video with a second "Steve Jobs" trailer and a clip from "Suffragette" via YouTube accompanied by stories about their releases this past week:



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