Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday's TBAs / Sunday Commentary / More Weirdness / Heading Home

Sadness ensues, it's the last day of TFF #42...


Monday TBAs

• 23 Son of Saul Werner Herzog Theatre 9AM
• 28 Time to Choose Nugget 9AM
• G Dreaming Against
the World + Tyrus
FREE Pierre 9AM
• F Sembene! FREE Backlot 9AM
• 11 Black Mass Chuck Jones' Cinema 12:15PM
• 8 Ixcanul Palm 1PM
• 1a Carol Galaxy 1PM
• 13 Spotlight Werner Herzog Theatre 1PM
• 26 Taxi Nugget 1PM
• A Cinema: A Public
Affair FREE Backlot 1PM
• E Peggy Guggenheim:
Art Addict FREE Pierre 1:15PM
• 19 Siti + Cinema FREE Masons 1:30PM
• 5 Beasts of
No Nation Chuck Jones' Cinema 3:00PM
• 29 Marguerite Nugget 3:15PM
• C Ingrid Bergman--
In Her Own 
Words FREE Backlot 3:15PM
• 10 Room Palm 3:30PM
• 26 Taxi Pierre 3:45PM
• 11 Black Mass Galaxy 3:45PM
• 12 Suffragette Werner Herzog Theatre 4PM
• 16 Mom and Me Masons 4PM
• D In the Shadow of
the Great 
Oaks FREE Backlot 5:30PM
• SP Picture Sheridan Opera House 6PM
• 17 Viva Pierre 6PM
• 25 Only the Dead See
the End of War Nugget 6PM
• 27 Hitchcock/Truffaut Masons 6PM
• 12 Suffragette Chuck Jones' Cinema 5:45PM
• 7a Steve Jobs Palm 6:30PM
• 15 Rams Galaxy 6:30PM
• 36 Cocksucker Blues
(Feature Only) FREE Werner Herzog Theatre 6:30PM
• Sneak Preview
6PM, Sheridan Opera House 
Live accompaniment by the Alloy Orchestra
It is a film like no other you have seen. Made in violation of every rule of film production, Paolo Cherchi Usai’s second feature is a movie-in-denial, a film that tests—protests—its own identity as a film. The canned theatre; a dream factory; a work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction—intuitions like these have been thrown at the film medium since birth. The Tin Man has no heart, generations of wizards have been telling us. PICTURE was made as if its director had been blissfully unaware of their curse. (U.S., 2015, 68m)
Monday Seminar
Noon, Town Park

Open to all Festival passholders
"What do actors need to hear from film directors?
With Cary Fukunaga, Brie Larson, Paddy Breathnach, Héctor Medina, Luis Alberto García


Sunday's films were:

Jafar Panahi's "Taxi"...very nice work here.
Andrew Haigh's "45 Years"...measured pace kills the momentum
Scott Cooper's "Black Mass"...outstanding...return of Johnny Depp to actual acting.
Lazlo Nemes' "Son of Saul"...searing and daring.

Most Buzz About Films I Missed:

"Beasts of No Nation"


Here's something that doesn't happen to me every day.  Got into a little Twitter back and forth with Seth Rogen.  Yes, THE Seth Rogen here in town for "Steve Jobs".  I happened to tweet that I wasn't going to the Danny Boyle tribute screening of "Steve Jobs" but was going to attend the separate screening at The Galaxy.  Mr. Rogen took me to task, humorously I believe, via Twitter.  

It was fun and weird at the same time.

  1. not enough to give the man the goddam respect of going to his tribute!!! Aaaaahhh!!!


As you read this I am in the Jeep headed back to the real world...not because I want to but because I will be in a classroom on Tuesday morning.

I hope your fest was as wonderful and memorable as mine.

From embracing the father of a Nobel Peace Prize winner to re-kindling acquaintances who have become, I believe friends: Chris Schiller, Sasha Stone, Kris Tapley, Tomris Laffly, Alex Billington, this has been a a remarkable fest.

Also, as has become a bit if a tradition, it was a hoot to have part of my family in town for the festival.  Shout out to my Mom and Dad, Patt and Calvin Patterson and my brother Jim Patterson who made his first foray into Telluride in many a decade and seemed no worse for the wear as the weekend ended.

My eternal thanks to our hosts: Larry and Mitzi Mallard...we really don't deserve your kindness.

And a big thanks to those of you who have read Michael's Telluride Film Blog.  I ran into many of you over the weekend and let me tell you how incredibly wonderful it is to find out how many of you take the time to read MTFB.  Thanks...

Keep a lookout over the next few days.  I'll soon have "The Professionals Telluride" collated and I'll post that as soon as I can get that all together.

Also, don't forget to do your part.  Send in your film ratings on a 1-5 scale and I'll put up "The People's Telluride" as well.

That's all folks!

Please feel free to leave a comment or question here at the blog.

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