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Producers Salute La La Land / Editors Endorse La La Land and Arrival / Hidden Figures Wins SAG Ensemble / Oscar Related

Welcome to Monday as January is on the brink of limping to a conclusion...

Mary Tyler Moore and John Hurt.  Two very different actors and great in different ways but still great nonetheless.  For fun, imagine a two headed coin with MTM's Mary Richards on one side and John Hurt's Winston Smith from 1984 on the other.  Quite a heads and tails, eh?


The Producers Guild of America awarded La La Land its top prize for a feature film on Saturday night.  The PGA Award is considered a good barometer of the Best Picture race as it matches up slight better than 2/3 of the time.  The PGA also uses the same preferential balloting process as The Academy which adds another layer of insight.  Other TFF #43 films that were among The PGA nominees: Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight and Arrival.

Here is substantial coverage of the PGA awards presentation including some analysis concerning the Oscar implications of La La Land's win:

Kristopher Tapley/Variety-In Contention

Dave McNary/Variety

Scott Feinberg/The Hollywood Reporter

Anne Thompson/Indiewire

Gregory Ellwood/The Playlist


The American Cinema of Editors handed their highest honors for film editing to Damien Chazelle's La La Land as a comedy edited by Tom Cross while Denis Villeneuve's Arrival was named the best edited drama edited by Joe Walker.

OJ: Made in America was named best edited documentary and Zootopia was named the best edited animated feature.

Reportage is here:

Kristopher Tapley/Variety-In Contention

Bill Desowitz/Indiewire


A couple of late show surprises will serve to keep two Oscar races interesting.  Denzel Washington won the SAG Award for Best Actor last night for his role in Fences and Hidden Figures was the surprise winner in the Best Ensemble category.  

Washington's win upset Casey Affleck who has been considered the favorite through a good deal of this Oscar season for his performance in Manchester by the Sea.

The Hidden Figures win wasn't a total shocker but both Moonlight and Fences had been considered the more likely winner in that category.

The rest of the film acting categories went as expected with TFF #43 attendees winning in two categories-Best Actress and Supporting Actor.  The list:

Supporting Actress: Viola Davis/Fences
Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali/Moonlight
Lead Actress: Emma Stone/La La Land
Lead Actor: Denzel Washington/Fences
Best Ensemble: Hidden Figures
The Best Stunt Ensemble for Film: Hacksaw Ridge

Coverage and analysis of last night's Scree Actors Guild Awards:

from Pete Hammond of

From Anne Thompson at Indiewire


The trailer for the 89th Academy awards is out and our friend Alex Billington's has it.  Check the trailer and Alex's story here.

Meanwhile, Variety-In Contention's Kristopher Tapley analyzes the Oscar race now that we know the nominees and assesses whether Damien Chazelle's La La Land has a shot at the all time record for wins after tying the all time record for nominations.  Take a look at his analysis here.

Entertainment Weekly's Devan Coggan takes a deep dive in the numbers of Oscar #89 here.

Key dates remaining:

Feb. 4th- Directors Guild Award
Feb. 12th- BAFTA Awards
Feb. 13th- Oscar final voting begins
Feb. 21st- Oscar voting concludes
Feb. 26th- Oscars Awards ceremony

That will do it for this Monday.  I'll have another post up on Thursday, so come on back for that.


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