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Special to the FAC: Supporting Actress

SPECIAL TO THE FAC: Best Supporting actress 13 Days out:

The following has been collated using publicly accessed information from:
Awards Daily
Awards Circuit
Film Misery
Film Experience
Thompson on Hollywood
Rope of Silicon
Hollywood Elsewhere
Scott Feinberg/The Hollywood Reporter
Dave Karger/Entertainment Weekly

The Best Supporting Actress Leader Board

1) Octavia Spencer/The Help
2) Jessica Chastain/The Help
3) Berenice Bejo/The Artist
4) Shailene Woodley/The Descendants
5) Melissa McCarthy/Bridesmaids

Also in the running:
6) Janet McTeer/Albert Nobbs
7) Vanessa Redgrave/Coriolanus
8) Carey Mulligan/Shame
9) Sandra Bullock/Extremely Loud
10) Judi Dench/J. Edgar

Others with votes:
Judy Greer/Descendants, Evan Rachel Wood/Ides of March, Jessica Chastain/Take Shelter and Jodi Foster/Carnage

HOT: Chastain and McCarthy
NOT: Woodley and Redgrave
THOUGHT:  Realistically, I suspect that the 1 through 4 spots are in and it’s a slugfest between McCarthy and McTeer for the fifth spot.  Personally I’m on the McTeer train and have been since I saw Nobbs in T-ride.  Read my Playlist review from there and you’ll see that I was suggesting the possibility early on:


Nominees of the DGA announced yesterday:
Woody Allen/Midnight in Paris
Martin Scorsese/Hugo
Alexander Payne/The Descendants
Michael Hazanavicius/The Artist
David Fincher/Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Surprises were that Fincher is in and Spielberg, Taylor and Malick are out.  This probably nukes Tree of Life as a Best Pic nominee.  It also hurts War Horse (I said yesterday in this space that I thought it was losing steam) and The Help, but probably doesn’t kill them and it gives a boost to the chances for  Girl…Tattoo.
Kris Tapley points out that Payne’s Descendants is the only film that punched its ticket with all the major guilds.  The Artist was not WGA eligible, so couldn’t be named by every major guild.  However, it remains the favorite and will likely be the only film with double digit nominations in two weeks.

Tomorrow: Best Supporting Actor
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