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New Films Announced Tomorrow for TIFF/"Ida" for Oscar/Down the Twitter Rabbit Hole

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The Toronto International Film Festival is set to announce another wave of films that they will include as a part of their festival.  Expectations are that they will announce a number of additional Galas and Special Presentations, perhaps even all of the rest of the films that will be categorized in either way.

Will we find out that "St. Vincent", the Bill Murray vehicle, has been added as a Gala/World Premiere, as was the rumor last week?

Will one of the BIG pictures still out there be announced tomorrow?   An "Unbroken" or "Fury" or "Big Eyes" or "Interstellar"?

What about smaller pictures such as Stephen Daldry's "Trash" or "Slow West" or "Suffragette" or "Kill the Messenger"?

All good questions...

You can also expect that we will find out the premiere status for those films that are announced and so we'll have a while new set of clues for a whole new set of films to parse with regard to potential Telluride selections.

Additionally, this reminder...TIFF has announced that they will release their schedule a week from tomorrow, along with another batch of film titles.  So, there's still more information to come.

I expect to post twice tomorrow.  The regular post (maybe smaller than normal) early in the morning and then again, another post once we have found out the latest scoop from our neighbors to the north.  Stay tuned...


TFF #40 film selection Pawel Pawlikowski's "Ida" has been named by Poland as its official entry in the Foreign Language Oscar sweepstakes.  The film tells the story of a young nun in 1960's Poland and has won numerous awards in the past year including Best Film at the London Film Fest.  It scores an 89 at Metacritic.

I've included a couple of stories about the film's official Oscar selection and its IMDb page as well:


Gian Luca Farinelli via

I spent a good amount of time over the last 24 hours or so following the trail of a small mention in the Twitterverse about a specific film maker and T-ride.  It's a slim reed at best and difficult to determine exactly what was meant.

Here's the text of the tweet:

"Dear Alberto, I'm writing a piece on Gian Luca Farinelli for Telluride. May i get a quote from you please "

The "Alberto" at the beginning is Alberto Barbera...the head of the Venice Film Fest and past Telluride Guest director.  Gina Luca Farinelli is the Director of the Bologna Film Archive.  The author (who I have excised for privacy concerns) does have some connection to a frequent Telluride guest and contributor.


Farinelli is in line for a Tribute...or Special Medallion.

Farinelli is also listed as a producer of and appears in Jonathan Nossiter's documentary "Natural Resistance" (which appears to be a sequel to his previous documentary "Mondovino").  It's about wine and wine makers.

The doc appeared at the Berlin Film Fest (and Telluride usually programs three or four Berlin films) but it has also been announced as a North American Premiere for Toronto which should mean that it won't play Telluride.

So, the "tweet" if genuine, probably indicates the 'tribute/medallion" possibility more strongly than the "Natural Resistance" route...but, as you may have read here, I wouldn't be surprised if some film doesn't try to test the Toronto edict.

I have included the IMDb page for "Natural Resistance" here:

More, probably twice, tomorrow...

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