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Richard Attenborough 1923-2014/Mark Harris on Foxcatcher/Jeff Wells Intuits a Wild Start to Telluride/Reminding You Everyday

It's a Monday...and Telluride starts on Friday...counting hours now instead of days...


Sir Richard Attenborough (IMDb)

Oscar winner Sir Richard Attenborough has died.  He was 90.  Attenborough made is mark both as an actor and as a director.  In 1983 his "Gandhi" won the Oscar for Best Picture and he was named Best Director.
Attenborough also directed "A Bridge Too Far" and "Magic" as well as acting in "Jurassic Park", "Seance on a Wet Afternoon" and "Brighton Rock" among others.


"Foxcatcher" trailer (YouTube/Coming Soon)

Mark Harris has posted a long piece at about the making of Bennett Miller's "Foxcatcher" starring Steve Carell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo.  The film won Miller the Best Director prize at Cannes back in May and has been hotly tipped to make an appearance at Telluride.  On my list of prospective films to be at T-ride, it sits in the top five that I want to see.

Here's the link to the in-depth story:


"Wild" trailer (YouTube)

Jeffrey Wells writing for his Hollywood Elsewhere site posted this weekend that he has a "hunch" that Jean Marc Vallee's "Wild" starring Reese Witherspoon might well be the Patron screening on Friday afternoon at the Chuck Jones.  It's the kind of choice that makes a lot of sense to me.  Big film for the fall season that has some Oscar hopes especially for Ms. Witherspoon and the Best Actress Oscar.  There's also been some buzz that Laura Dern might well be in the conversation for a Best Supporting Actress nomination.

Wells says he has no real intell to back up his intuition so take this with several grains of salt.  Still, it wouldn't stun me either.

The Patron film choices over the last few years have been:

2013: "Labor Day"
2012: "Argo"
2011: The Descendants
2010: "Chico and Rita"

We'll see what happens...

Here's the link to Wells' post:


Now that we're down to Telluride week, here's your reminder...Don't forget to join in on "The People's Telluride".  Rate the films you see this week on a 0-5 scale ( 0 being just abysmal and 5 being a masterpiece).  You can rate each day or do them all at the end of the fest.  Send film ratings to me via Twitter (@Gort2) or email me at

I'll collect all of that data and post the collective ratings from we, The People.

And don't miss "The Professional's Telluride".  I'm also canvassing a broad number of film critics, bloggers and industry pros and will be posting their results next week as well.  So far I have these fine folks who have agreed to participate:

Alex Billington/FirstShowing
Greg Ellwood/HitFix
Eric Kohn/IndieWire
Tomris Laffly/Film Journal
Eugene Novikov/Film Blather
John Rhodes/Screencraft
Sasha Stone/Awards Daily
Kristopher Tapley/HitFix-InContention
Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood

More on Tuesday...

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