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Tapley Muses/A Look at What Was "Squirrel"/Don't Forget "The Tribe"

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"Fury" trailer via YouTube

HitFix/InContention's Kristopher Tapley posted a fairly extensive look at the awards season last night that also included his thoughts about what is/might be/is unlikely to be Telluride bound.  As you might expect, he comes to a number of the same conclusions that you've already read here.

He does mention a few things that are of specific interest...some intriguing...some a little disappointing.  Tapley suggests that David Ayer's "Fury" might have a reasonable shot at playing T-ride but that Angelina Jolie's "Unbroken" is unlikely/unprepared for fests.

Tapley mentions a couple of films that I haven't had on my Telluride radar at all.  Tom McCarthy's Adam Sandler starer "The Cobbler" and William Monahan's "Mojave" starring Mark Wahlberg.  Additionally, he suggests a Telluride screening of "Whiplash" as he includes it on a list of Sony Pictures Classics "possibles/probables".

Tapley also says that J.C. Chandor is still editing "A Most Violent Year" which doesn't mean that the film is completely off the Telluride table...but it sure isn't encouraging.

Check the entire story here:



Jennifer Aniston and Peter Bogdanovich via The Playlist

Last week Venice Film Fest officials said that they knew that they had five films scheduled that would roll on to Telluride.  One of those could be Peter Bogdanovich's "She's Funny That Way" which for a good long while was titled "Squirrels to the Nuts".  The comedy stars Owen Wilson, Imogen Poots, Jennifer Aniston and more.  Bogdo has often been a part of past Telluride fests and it wouldn't surprise me greatly if this was included on the program this year.

The Playlist dropped a number of photos of the film late yesterday one of which is posted above.

Check the story and the other photos:



One of the more intriguing films that played at Cannes (Critic's Week section and won prizes) in May was the all-signed "The Tribe".  No speaking...all sign language.  The film is directed by Myroslav Sloboshpytskiy.  The film also won the top prize this week at the Motovun Film Festival.

I thought in May that it could be an interesting choice for Labor Day in The Rockies.

I did a little looking and the film's U.S. distributor is Drafthouse films which repped Joshua Oppenheimer's "The Act of Killing" in 2012...so perhaps it makes an appearance in just over three weeks.

Variety reports on the Motovun fest win here:


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