Friday, August 22, 2014

Ten Bets #10/Dardennes' "Two Days" Has a Day/Mr. Burns in Town/Poland Calls on "Ida"

It's Friday in some parts of the World...and Telluride is one week away.


Last week's "Ten Bets" was actually that list is:

15) The Homesman
14) Life May Be
13) Merchants of Doubt
12) 99 Homes
11) Red Army
10) Two Days, One Night
9) The Look of Silence
8) Rosewater
7) Wild Tales
6) Leviathan
5) Wild
4) The Imitation Game
3) Birdman
2) Mr. Turner
1) Foxcatcher

This week...the "Ten Bets" look like this:

15) Mommy
14) '71
13) 99 Homes
12) Red Army
11) Merchants of Doubt
10) The Look of Silence
9) Leviathan
8) Two Days, One Night
7) Rosewater
6) Wild Tales
5) Foxcatcher
4) Wild
3) The Imitation Game
2) Birdman
1) Mr. Turner


We found out yesterday that "Two Days, One Night", from the Dardennes brothers and starring Marion Cotillard as a shift worker striving to keep her job has an announced U.S. release date.  Alex Billington at tweeted that the film will be released on Dec. 24.  That tweet linked to the story of the release by Artificial Eye of the UK Trailer for the film. Here's your path to the FirstShowing post:


Documentarian and Telluride regular Ken Burns has made plans to start off the week of Film Fest in fine fashion with a meet up Sunday, Aug. 24th and a presentation of a portion of his multi-part doc "The War". That'll happen at The Palm Theater from 6:00-9:00 pm.  I've included a couple of stories with information about the evening:

Meanwhile, PBS is promoting Burns' latest project "The Roosevelts" which will soon appear there.  I suspect some portions of it will also appear in Telluride next week.  Here's the PBS/Roosevelt link:


"Ida" photo via The Hollywood Reporter

Another TFF #40 film will be offered in competition for The Academy Awards Foreign Language Film Oscar.  Poland announced yesterday that "Ida" which made a splash at the fest last year will be its entry in the Oscar contest.  The Hollywood Reporter had that news:

More on Saturday...

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