Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New "Foxcatcher" Poster-Carell!/Oregonian Says "Wild" at T-ride/Another Stab at the Lineup/Remember to Rate

Good Day on a Tuesday.  72 hours from now I'm standing in line for the trip to the Patron brunch.   Counting it down...


Yesterday we saw the release of another character poster from Bennett Miller's "Foxcatcher" focusing on Steve Carell's John DuPont character.  Here's the new poster:

"Foxcatcher" poster from Entertainment Weekly

Looks good and creepy.  I have also linked a number of the stories that were posted yesterday with the release of the poster.

Currently, "Foxcatcher" sits at #2 on my personal list of top five films I want to see this weekend in Telluride.  My top five list:

5) Leviathan
4) Rosewater
3) Birdman
2) Foxcatcher
1) The Imitation Game

Of course, my list could change depending on what is actually in the lineup.  What's your "Top Five" wish list for Telluride this weekend?


The Oregonian posted yesterday that Jean Marc Vallee's "Wild" starring Reese Witherspoon will world premiere at Telluride this weekend.  "Wild" is the true story of Oregon native Cheryl Strayed and her 1,000 mike hike in the American West.  The Oregonian story is here:



The Dallas News website, late last night, posted its own guesses at the Telluride lineup.  The early part of the article seems pretty spot on.  The latter part seems to fly off the rails.  For example, the writer, James Tisch, claims that Werner Herzog's "Queen of the Desert" could play and we know that won't happen per producer Cassian Elwes.  Other end-of-article claims are for "Fury" and "Unbroken", both of which were reported as not playing ANY fall fests last week in the New York Times.

Still there's a lot there worth taking a look at including the persistent notion that Damien Chazelle's Sundance favorite, "Whiplash", could screen.

The post is here:



Now that we're down to Telluride week, here's your reminder...Don't forget to join in on "The People's Telluride".  Rate the films you see this week on a 0-5 scale ( 0 being just abysmal and 5 being a masterpiece).  You can rate each day or do them all at the end of the fest.  Send film ratings to me via Twitter (@Gort2) or email me at michael_speech@hotmail.com or in the comments section of this blog.

I'll collect all of that data and post the collective ratings from we, The People.

More tomorrow...

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