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Ten Plus Bets/HitFix's 25 Fall Fest Films: What It Tells Us/Rudderless Trailer Makes Landfall/New Views of Interstellar/ New Views of 99 Homes

Good Friday...It's been a tough week...Robin gone, Lauren gone...and Ferguson, MO...glad it's nearly over.


The "Ten Bets" got a bit of an overhaul this week especially with the news that we were not going to see Werner Herzog's "Queen of the Desert".  Suddenly, a film that had been on every Ten Bets list from the start of them this summer goes away...

Last week's Ten (Plus) Bets were:

15) 99 Homes
14) Life May Be
13) The Homesman
12) Two Days, One Night
11) Red Army
10) The Look of Silence
9) Wild Tales
8) Rosewater
7) Leviathan
6) Queen of the Desert
5) Wild
4) The Imitation Game
3) Birdman
2) Mr. Turner
1) Foxcatcher

This week's Ten (Plus) Bets:

15) The Homesman
14) Life May be 
13) Merchants of Doubt
12) 99 Homes
11) Red Army
10) Two Days, One Night
9) The Look of Silence
8) Rosewater
7) Wild Tales
6) Leviathan
5) Wild
4) The Imitation Game
3) Birdman
2) Mr. Turner
1) Foxcatcher

Other films simmering below these 15:

"She's Funny That Way"
Ken Burns' "The Roosevelts"
Serge Bromberg's Restored Film/Brinton Collection
"The Price of Fame"
"Winter Sleep"
"Bird People"

Leaving our Telluride consideration this week: 
"Clouds of Sils Maria"
"The Wonders"
"The Blue Room"

Still in play for T-ride...

"Slow West"
"Kill the Messenger"
"A Most Violent Year"

BIG films still hanging:

"Big Eyes"
"Exodus: Gods and Kings"

Of these five, "Unbroken" and "Big Eyes" now seem like the best shot at a Telluride play...and that shot isn't that great.


Yesterday the HitFix crew put up a story called "Our Top 25 Most Anticipated Fall Festival Films".  They list the 25 and indicate where they're going to go Fest-wise.  For Telluride films, they list them as "expected" as no one can be 100% sure.  Nevertheless, HitFix lists 7 of their 25 as Telluride (expected/possible).  They are:

#22 "Leviathan"
#18 "While We're Young"***
#17 "Wild"
#10 The Imitation Game
#6 "Foxcacther"
#4 "Rosewater"
#2 "Birdman"

***There are a couple of anomalies.  First, Noah Baumbach's "While We're Young" is listed as a "World Premiere" by Toronto which those of us who try to figure this stuff out have concluded means that it WILL NOT play Telluride.  Additionally,  Ramin Bahrani's "99 Homes" is not listed by HitFix as being expected for Telluride despite the fact that Toronto lists it as a Canadian premiere.   Again, many of us believe that a "Canadian" premiere for films that didn't play Sundance ("Whiplash", for example) means that we'll probably see it at Telluride.

You can see the entire group of 25 films here:


"Rudderless" trailer via YouTube and Coming Soon

We've been waiting for awhile for this to happen and it did late yesterday afternoon.  William H. Macy's "Rudderless", which opens in limited fashion on Oct. 17th has a trailer.  I have linked you to multiple platforms that covered the release yesterday:

Congratulations to Oklahoma screenwriters Casey Twneter and Jeff Robison.

One parenthetical note...I have been waiting to see if "Rudderless" was announced as a Toronto selection.  Not so far but there is one more set of announcements coming on Aug. 19.


"Interstellar" from Entertainment Weekly and Rope of Silicon

We saw some new stills from Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated (and occasionally Telluride-rumored) "Interstellar" appear yesterday.  Thought we'd pass those and the stories accompanying them along in today's blog post.  From Rope of Silicon and The Playlist:


Andrew Garfield in "99 Homes" via The Playlist

Also appearing online yesterday, new photo from Bahrani's "99 Homes" starring Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon.  Here's the link to the story and another photo from the film:

More tomorrow including The Best of the Week...

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