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Correction and Apology/"Fury" Buzz Continues/Tapley on Telluride...And a New Thought/Thanks Sasha!/The Latest Look from "Two Days, One Night"

It's Tuesday everyone!  Telluride's 41st Film Fest kicks off in 10 days!


Well, yesterday I mentioned that an alert reader had put me onto a story that confirmed "99 Homes" was headed to Telluride from thehindu.com.  Turns out, I credited the wrong reader...so here's the correction and apology.  BoomBoomChris gets the story right!  The original tweet:


Brad Pitt and crew in "Fury" via Rope of Silicon

Suspicions that David Ayers' "Fury" (starring Brad Pitt as a war tested tank commander at the end of World War II in Europe) will pop up at Telluride.  Last week we learned that the film will close the London Fest on Pct. 19th.  It's set to open here in the U.S. on Oct. 17th,  That date was originally in November, but was pushed back presumably to co-ordinate with the London screening.  Nevertheless, within the past few days a number of publications have noted that the new date pushes the film closer to both Telluride and Toronto.  The L.A. Times and Tech Tell.com go even a bit farther.  The Times says, "So where will "Fury" play first?  The most likely spot is the Labor Day set Telluride Film Festival,"

Yes please...Here's the link to the complete "Fury" story from the Los Angeles Times:


Meanwhile, technologytell.com says, "(it's) not in Venice, not in New York though, so that leaves Telluride in contention."

Here's the complete article:


Despite all this, and I make no bones about it, I'd like "Fury" to make a T-ride appearance, I'm still dubious. Kristopher Tapley at HitFix/InContention has said-and said again yesterday that he's heard no Telluride or Toronto for the film and I tend to believe Kris. See his latest post below...it's...very interesting.

So, bottom line, "Fury" would be a welcome add to the TFF #41 lineup, but it's probably not in the cards.


Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams in Tim Burton's "Big Eyes"

As mentioned above, Kris Tapley posted a combo piece yesterday that focused on the surprise last minute addition of Clint Eastwood's "American Sniper" starring Bradley Cooper to the list of end of the year releases and the second half of the piece focuses on Telluride.

Kris mentions most of the titles that we've got on our radar and in the "Ten (Plus) Bets".  He continues to bum me about both "Fury" and J.C. Chandor's "A Most Violent Year".  The first with no T-ride plans and the latter not ready for another three weeks or so...come on J.C...you can do this!

The real excitement comes at the end of the post when he suggests the possibility of a presentation of Tim Burton's "Big Eyes" and a tribute for the director.  Now, I've suggested the possibility of both things here previously but admittedly without a great sense that the scenario would be likely.  I suggested late last week that it was (along with "Unbroken") perhaps the most likely of the "big" films still out there that might turn up at Telluride.  I also suggested at least the chance of a corresponding Burton tribute on Aug. 6th.

Now, I don't know if Tapley knows anything concrete or not...but wouldn't "Big Eyes" in the San Juans be cool?  And a Burton film at Telluride is not unprecedented.  "Ed Wood" was there in 1994.  Bring it!

Here's the link to the Tapley post:



A Big Shout Out to Sasha Stone and her site Awards Daily for posting  nice article yesterday that featured this blog.  It was very kind of her to shed a light on this slightly manic endeavor.

Did it boost traffic?  Ummm...yeah.  So, thanks again Sasha!  Right back atcha...

Here's the link to the Awards Daily story about Telluride from yesterday that featured Michael's Telluride Film Blog:



At # 10 on the latest "Ten Bets" is the Dardennes Brothers "Two Days, One Night" which stars Oscar winner Marion Cotillard.  I'm telling you it's playing this year's fest.  Now, personally, I'd be thrilled if Ms. Cotillard returned to Telluride.  She received a tribute in 2012 with "Rust and Bone".  I don't really think that will happen...but a guy can dream, right?

At any rate, a new clip sprouted from the film late yesterday featuring Petula Clark singing in French.  Take a look here:


Accompanying stories are here from The Playlist and Rope of Silicon:



Finally, this reminder...later this morning we should have more news from Toronto.  We'll read those tea leaves later today...stay tuned...

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