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The Final Fifteen/150,000/IndieWire's 19 Films/Trash Trailer/Parenthetically: Birdman/Looks at 99 Homes and Look of Silence

Good morning from Salida, CO.  We're on the road and two-thirds of the way to Telluride.  Very exciting indeed.  We have lunch and dinner plans today with our hosts and then good friends.  I also expect to run into some of the acquaintances that we've made over the last 8 years we've been attending.  Looking forward to these next five days.


Here's the last installment of what has been the "Ten Bets" list throughout the summer.  I posted the first "Ten Bets" for 2014 on June 27th and here's what that initial list looked like:

10) Salt of the Earth (Wenders)
9) Winter Sleep (Ceylan)
8) Red Army (Polsky)
7) Coming Home (Yimou)
6) Foxcatcher (Miller)
5) The Roosevelts (Burns)
4) Leviathan (Zvyagintsev)
3) Birdman (Inarritu)
2) Two Days, One Night (Dardennes)
1) Mr. Turner (Leigh)

If my current list is right, it means that the original "Ten Bets" will have had seven correct films.  We'll see...

Last week's "Ten (Plus) Bets"

15) Mommy
14) '71
13) 99 Homes
12) Red Army
11) Merchants of Doubt
10) The Look of Silence
9) Leviathan
8) Two Days, One Night
7) Rosewater
6) Wild Tales
5) Foxcatcher
4) Wild
3) The Imitation Game
2) Birdman
1) Mr. Turner

Here's the "Final Fifteen":

15) The Homesman
14) Red Army
13) '71
12) 99 Homes
11) The Look of Silence
10) Merchants of Doubt
9) Rosewater
8) Two Days, One Night
7) Wild Tales
6) Wild
5) Leviathan
4) Foxcatcher
3) The Imitation Game
2) Birdman
1) Mr. Turner

Additionally, I'm hoping for "Slow West", "A Most Violent Year" to magically appear on the schedule as well and am slightly optimistic that Sundance hit "Whiplash" might actually make the lineup as well.  Finally, I'm pretty sure there's a surprise or two left to be unveiled.

As you might expect, if this lineup is remotely accurate, there will be too much to get to in four days.  Prioritize!


Michael's Telluride Film Blog rolled over its 150,000th view yesterday.  Thanks for reading.


IndieWire posted its choice of 19 films with, as they put it, "the most awards potential".  On that list five films from the above "Final Fifteen" list:

"Mr. Turner"
"The Imitation Game" and

Also on the list is "Whiplash"...see my note above...

And I'm going to venture a guess that at least one more film on their list of 19 makes the Telluride lineup.

Here's the link:


Rooney Mara in "Trash" (The Playlist)

The Playlist dropped a trailer for Stephen Daldry film "Trash".  There's still a chance that the film pops up at Telluride this weekend.  Daldry's track record is impressive indeed.  Check the story and trailer at The Playlist here:


Michael Keaton and Edward Norton in "Birdman" (The Playlist)

I have still not read a complete review from Venice about Inarritu's "Birdman" but...the Twitter reactions and summaries alone over the last 24 hours have me even more excited, should we see it in Telluride, than I already was...and I was already counting it on my list of the five films I'd have to see this weekend.


Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon in "99 Homes" (Entertainment Weekly)

The Playlist posted a number of items yesterday related to films that very well might play at Telluride this weekend.  I have linked material specifically to Joshua Oppenheimer's documentary sequel to his "The Act of Killing", "The Look of Silence".  Also, there's an article about Ramin Bahrani's "99 Homes".  The links are here:

More tomorrow including the official list of films for the 41st Telluride Film Festival!

Finally, last quick note: Congratulations to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who appear to have gotten married Saturday.  Honeymoon in Telluride?

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