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More Major Spec/Trailers from Ebert/Trailers for London

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If you looked in on this space Saturday you saw this tidbit repeated from a Pete Hammond post from

“The Telluride Film Festival threw a party at the London Hotel on Sunset the night before the LAFF launch to tout their upcoming Labor Day weekend 39th edition of a fest that grows in importance every year as a key start to awards season. Fest directors Gary Meyer, Tom Luddy and Julie Huntsinger are still putting the program together and, as is the custom, won’t announce it in advance.  But it’s clear this fest which draws Oscar-hopefuls from the likes of SPC, Searchlight, The Weinstein Company, Focus  and others has also attracted the attention of the major studios with eyes on Oscar this year.  At least one of them was busy showing their wares to the Telluride honchos this week in hopes of making the cut. 

Which has kept my mind whirling for the last 48 hours...which studios? what films?  Certainly it seems that Hammond is implying more than one.  

Consequently, during the course of this week, I'll take a look at the "major" studio offerings that are expected as we move to the end of the year that most think want to be Oscar contenders and at least see if we can discern what the field of possibilities looks like.

Today we start with Universal Pictures which looks to be distributing two "Oscar-y" films: Tom Hooper's "Les Miserables" and Kathryn Bigelow's "Zero Dark Thirty" (the Osama Bin Laden/Seal Team 6 film).

The Bigelow film seems more "Telluride-ish" (as I thought "The Hurt Locker" might be back in 2008) but Tom Hooper had a great deal of success out of Telluride for "The King's Speech" in both films seem plausible Telluride contenders if Universal has decided to make that play and T-ride's heads deem them acceptable.

Other connections..."Les Miz's" production company Working Title had a production connection to Telluride 2006 "sneak" "Catch a Fire".

"Zero Dark Thirty's" IMDb page is here:

"Les Miserables" IMDb page is here:

We'll look at Paramount tomorrow.


Roger Ebert has posted a collection of what he terms "out of the mainstream" trailers.  They include both "The Master's" teaser featuring Joaquin Phoenix and "Hyde Park on Hudson" both of which I have linked to in earlier posts and have at least some Telluride potential.  There are also many other films linked here.  Take a look:


And this from our Danny Boyle/London Olympics file...a trailer for four short films about the London Games from different director's including Telluride featured directors Mike Leigh and Lynne Ramsay from The Playlist:

More later...

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gene said...

If LES MISERABLES wastes a Telluride slot I will murder everyone. Or at least be very cross.