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Organized Crime/Another Django/More Knight/Al on Stage

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In 2009 Matteo Garrone made quite a splash at Telluride with "Gomorrah" a film set in the world of Italy's organized crime.  Garrone, last  month, made another splash at Cannes with his new film "Reality" which won the Grand Prix.  Under normal circumstances, I would have "Reality" down with about a 60% chance of being in Telluride...but now there are complications.

Reports from Italy tell us that Garrone may be in serious legal trouble for having consorted with the mob in Italy in order to make "Gomorrah".  That could put the film's T-ride chances in jeopardy and the director in prison.  Here are two stories with details:

The Hollywood Reporter:

The Playlist:


"Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" was all over the place last week as it released its first teaser/trailer.  Now comes an international version which reportedly has some extra/different footage.  I have linked to it via  The Playlist:


Pictures from the set of Terrence Malick's on-going effort called "Knight of Cups" continues to ooze online.  Today shots include Cate Blanchett.  From The Playlist:


And finally, I saw Al Pacino on stage a couple of years ago  in Central Park on the closing night of Shakespeare on the Park's production of "Merchant of Venice".  At the time I thought it could be the last time Pacino was ever on a stage doing live theater.  Of course, they transferred that production onto Broadway. Still, I said to myself, "it might be the last play he does".  Until yesterday, that might have been true.  Yesterday came the news that Pacino will be appearing in a new mounting of David Mamet's classic "Glengarry Glen Ross"...playing the role Jack Lemmon played in the 1992 film.

Here's the story from Te Playlist:

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