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#500/Best of the Week/Beasts De-Nudge/Thunder

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#500...Welcome to my 500th post for Michael's Telluride Film Blog and The Film Awards Clearinghouse....500...hard to believe...

Thanks for reading!

Here's the best of what I posted this week...


Tom O'Neill's Gold Derby has its first odds posted for the Big 6 categories for 2012 in a post from this weekend. It's here:

On its lengthy list are the following "good" Telluride possibilities:

Best Picture: The Master (#2) (a guy can hope...), Hyde Park on Hudson (#9), The Sapphires (#18), Amour (#19), On the Road (#22), 12 Years a Slave (#42) (is it going to be ready?...kind of doubt it), The Hunt (#58), Song for Marion (#69).

Director: PT Anderson (#1), M. Haneke (#15), R. Michel (#20), S. McQueen (#29), J. Audiard (#35), W. Salles (#57)

Actor: B. Murray (#2), PS Hoffman (#3), T. Stamp (#10), G. Hedlund (#14), M. Mikkelsen (#15),GG Bernal (#22), M. Schoenaerts (#27), C. Ejiofor (#30), S. Riley (#39), C. O'Dowd (#42)

Actress: L. Linney (#1), M. Cotillard (#3), K. Stewart (#15)

Supporting Actor: J. Pheonix (#1), M. Fassbender (#9), S. West (#10), B. Pitt (#24), V. Mortensen (#36)

Supporting Actress: A. Adams (#2), O. Williams (#3), V. Redgrave (#5), O. Colman (#8), L. Dern (#20), A. Adams (#26)

Sasha Stone at Awards Daily also analyzes The Gold Derby post and contrasts it with where we were at this point last year here:


One of the two films I am personally most excited about that played Cannes last month and almost certainly will play Telluride is Michale Haneke's "Amour" (the other is "Rust and Bone"). Haneke's other Palme D'Or winner "The White Ribbon" may have been the best film of 2009. I have included the link to Rope of Silicon's post of two clips from the film here:


The Playlist put up a massive post of pics and clips from over a dozen Cannes films. It's very impressive. Check it here:


News that director Steve McQueen is still casting "12 Years a Slave" from The Playlist:

The word is that filming is expected to start this month.

Now that may be a little confusing to readers of this blog who may have noticed numerous references to "12 Years" in Monday's post about Gold Derby's 2012 Oscar contenders.

Unless I'm wildly off, it won't be ready until way later than that. My guess is that McQueen is looking to Cannes next summer and that we could (and probably will) see it in Telluride for TFF #40 (2013).


Paul McCartney confirmed yesterday that he will be part of the Olympics opening ceremony directed by Telluride favorite (and perpetually nice guy there) Danny Boyle. At one point the rumor was that Sir Paul would re-unite with Ringo and that George and John's sons would also appear in what would be the closest approximation of The Beatles.

I, personally, want even more...let's re-unite Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and The Stones also as a part of the ceremony!


If you don't obsessively watch the interweb for this kind of stuff and you didn't see Entertainment Tonight last night, then you missed the release of the first full-fledged trailer for Quentin Tarantino's much anticipated "Django Unchained".

The release came complete with controversy over an early sneak or two online in violation of an embargo from The Weinstein Company. The embargo was in place, almost certainly, to allow ET to have it "exclusively" for their syndicated show.

So, this morning, in order to not allow everyone the opportunity to see it (and it is kind of a Tarantino-y way), I have provided multiple links to various websites for the video:

Thompson on Hollywood:


Rope of Silicon:

The Playlist:

"Django Unchained" opens on Christmas Day and has a 2% chance of playing Telluride (and that might be on the optimistic side).

"Django's" IMDb page is here:


David Cronenberg's Cannes competition piece "Cosmopolis" is off the table as a Telluride possibility. It was announced yesterday that the film will have an August 17 release here in the U.S. thus insuring a no show for T-ride.

"Cosmopolis" received mixed reviews at Cannes.

I had always thought that its Telluride prospects were dicey at best. Then with the critical reaction from Cannes being what it was, I was even less convinced that we'd see it in the mountains.

You have to wonder if there was a lack of interest from the fall festivals (T-ride, Venice and New York is scheduled to open in Canada today, which would also preclude a Toronto run) and if that might not have been a part of the decision process.

Additionally, Aug. 17 doesn't exactly scream awards positioning.

Here's the story from both Hollywood Elsewhere:

and The Playlist:


Earlier this week I nudged the Telluride programmers to think about including Sundance and Cannes hit "Beasts of the Southern Wild"...silly me.  "Beasts opens on June 27th...nevermind.


And because I am from Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City Thunder will be playing for an NBA championship and because I think it's kind of hilarious...the link to the trailer for Kevin Durant's film debut as himself in "Thunderstruck"...

More Monday...have a good weekend.

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