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Cannes and Oscar/Mann Up for Venice/Kennedy Elected/Rust and Bone/

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It's Saturday and the last day of the first week of "summer".  It was...interesting.  Let's go to the tape...


No less than 3 Oscar blogger-types offered up posts concerning their take on how Cannes #65 may or may not affect the Oscar landscape over the next 8-9 months.  Sasha Stone at Awards Daily, Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood and Olli Lyttleton at The Playlist.

Overall takeaways...this year's Cannes won't have the same impact that last year's did.  "The Artist", "Midnight in Paris"' and "The Tree of Life" all played Cannes and all ended up with Best Picture nominations and more.  The general consensus is sporadic acting and writing nominations are possible and a good chunk of the foreign language nominees probably played...and quite likely no BP nominations.

Check out each here:

The Playlist:

Awards Daily:

Thompson on Hollywood:


Word yesterday that film director/writer Michael Mann ("Last of the Mohicans", "Heat") will head the jury at this year's Venice Film Festival. This continues a flurry of news about the festival that goes on at the same tie as Telluride including a new director and fewer and "more serious" film selections.

Mann should be interesting choice to head up that jury.  I have included a couple of posts about the Mann pick and Venice here.

Thompson on Hollywood:



Well, I'm sure you've heard the scuttlebutt that George Lucas is "retiring".  Why does a blog devoted to Telluride care? 

Two things...Lucas attended the festival to honor Fred Roos in 2004 and Kathleen Kennedy, who is on the Council of Advisors for TFF has been named as the person to take over the reigns at Lucasfilm.  Story here from Variety:


I have included a couple of clips today from "Rust and Bone".  A film I have a lot of anticipation for even after its snubbing at Cannes.  I also still strongly believe it will play in Telluride.  Also, you will note in the Oscar posts above a good deal of thought the Marion Cotillard will be in the Best Actress conversation (as I began saying in this space after seeing the first trailer).

Here's the link to those clips from The Playlist:

More on Monday...have a good weekend everyone.

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