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Django!/George Directing Again/Beasts Nudge

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If you don't obsessively watch the interweb for this kind of stuff and you didn't see Entertainment Tonight last night, then you missed the release of the first full-fledged trailer for Quentin Tarantino's much anticipated "Django Unchained".

The release came complete with controversy over an early sneak or two online in violation of an embargo from The Weinstein Company.  The embargo was in place, almost certainly, to allow ET to have it "exclusively" for their syndicated show.

So, this morning, in order to not allow everyone the opportunity to see it (and it is kind of a Tarantino-y way), I have provided multiple links to various websites for the video:

Thompson on Hollywood:


Rope of Silicon:

The Playlist:

"Django Unchained" opens on Christmas Day and has a 2% chance of playing Telluride (and that might be on the optimistic side).

"Django's" IMDb page is here:


TFF #38 tributee and all around nice guy...and maybe the biggest movie star in the world George Clooney is aiming to direct again according t reports around the web yesterday.

Clooney, who was never less than kind and engaging last September, will put together "The Yankee Commandante" for Focus Features.  It's based on a true story set in revolutionary Cuba.

The Hollywood Reporter suggests that it won't be Clooney's next directing project...but the one after.

Either way, applying my "Most peeps that come to Telluride's fest love it so much that they will come back" rule, (and the fact that I still believe that we were within an eyelash of seeing "Ides of March" at Telluride last year) maybe we see "The American Commandante" at some future TFF.

Here are a couple of stories about the announcement from yesterday:


The Hollywood Reporter:


Earlier this week I "nudged" the programming types for the Telluride Film Festival to select Sundance hit "Six Sessions" (The Surrogate) for inclusion in TFF #39 which would fly in the face of the largely followed "nothing that has played in the U.S. prior to the fest gets picked" rule.

I reminded everyone that "An Education" played at Sundance before showing in T-ride in 2009.

So, here's my second nudge...let's see Sundance and Cannes sensation "Beasts of the Southern Wild" as well.

Thank you for your attention.

Here's some video from "Beasts":

The Playlist:

Thompson on Hollywood:

"Beasts" IMDb page:

More later.

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