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Master #2/Paramount/Clooney in August

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The film sites are abuzz since late last night with a second teaser/trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" which is far and away the film I am most energized about for the coming fall/winter.

I am crossing my fingers that this plays at the Telluride festival this year but to be honest, I'd guess it's chances at about 45%.  A lot depends on the strategy The Weinstein Company chooses to pursue vis a vis Oscar campaigning.

I still think that "The Master" could play T-ride, but Harvey has a lot of arrows in his quiver this year and he/they may well think that they'd benefit from this PTA film being a Venice/New York thing.

I'm not alone, however, in at least thinking that it's still a possible Telluride choice as, in the midst of all the posting about the new teaser Jeff Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere wrote today:

"If Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master is going to play the Venice Film Festival, as rumored, surely there's a decent chance it'll also play Telluride...no? Along with Terrence Malick's To The Wonder and Brian De Palma's Passion withRachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace (which will probably be minor at best -- DePalma's best days are long past)"

Which makes me feel a little more confident about keeping it on our list of Telluride possibles.\\Here's the link to the rest of Wells' story and the teaser as well as comments (including mine):


Here's the teaser via You Tube:

Here are multiple links to the teaser with subsequent commentary from the various blogs being linked to:

Cigarettes and Redvines:


Awards Daily:


The Playlist:

Rope of Silicon:



In light of commentary this weekend in a Pete Hammond post for Deadline.com that suggested that one of the major studios had been plying their wares for the head honchos of the Telluride fest, I have taken it upon myself this week to look at what those possibilities might be.  Today, I'm looking at Paramount and we can probably rule them out pretty quickly.  Despite past recent participation at Telluride with "Up in the Air", "Benjamen Button", "Zodiac", "Babel" and "Paranormal Activity" and probable future Telluride films "Labor Day" and "Nebraska" as of right now they have only one film that might be conceivably considered Oscar material and that's the Denzel Washington starrer and Robert Zemeckis directed "Flight".  And frankly, I don't think it sounds like either a Telluride picture or much of an Oscar one for that matter.  So I'm writing Paramount off.

Here's the IMDb page for Paramount Pictures:http://www.imdb.com/company/co0023400/

"Flight's" IMDb page is here:

Tomorrow a more likely suspect in 20th Century Fox.


Word late yesterday that there are new producers coming on board The Weinstein Company's big 2013 prestige project.  The film adaptation of the massive Broadway success "August: Osage County" now has George Clooney and Grant Heslov as a part of the team. Clooney was one of last year's tributees at Telluride.  Details here:

The Hollywood Reporter:

The Wrap:

It all seemed a little weird until you put together the fact that the film will be directed by John Wells with whom Clooney worked back in their "E.R." days...

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