Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Dyer/Oscar Picks/Boyle in London/Poots in Cups

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The twitterverse was inundated with the news yesterday that British author Geoff Dyer had been officially announced as the Guest Director for TFF #39.  And as I have been only too happy to note, readers of this blog have known that for 3 months.  More surprising to me, yesterday, was the announcement that TFF #40 will add a day to its schedule and be a five day event next year opening on Thursday Aug. 29...

I'm terribly excited about the extra day and my imagination is running amok as I think to myself..."if they're going to add an extra day, what other very cool plans to they have?"

The year between the close of each festival and the beginning of the next is always a time fraught with anticipation and excitement and the notion that the fest will be longer and may go beyond the phantasm that it customarily is will mean that next year's 360 day countdown will heighten that anticipation and excitement even more...if that's possible.

Here's the link to the official announcement on the Telluride Film Festival website:


One of the best Oscarologist sites around has their first pass at predictions up as of yesterday.  Kris Tapley and Guy Lodge have collaborated to get their first list together over at InContention/HitFix.  Among their prognostications are included such potential Telluride 2012 fare as:
 "Anna Karenina", "Argo", "Life of Pi", "The Master"' "Amour", "Rust and Bone", "Hyde Park on Hudson", and MTFB nudge "Six Sessions".

Check their first predix and their analysis as they fearlessly make them here:




Danny Boyle...friend of TFF ("Slumdog Millionaire", "127 Hours"), perhaps future TFF attendee ("Trance") and nice guy is getting ever closer to directing the opening for the Olympics in London.  The Hollywood Reporter has a story/interview about some of what we can expect to see:


I'm still holding out for a Beatles/Floyd/Zep/Stones portion of that opening.


Sounds awful, doesn't it?  Imogen Poots reportedly filming Terrence Malick's "Knight of Cups".  Pictures included from the set via The Playlist:


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