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Cosmo No/Anna Pix/Coming Attractions

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David Cronenberg's Cannes competition piece "Cosmopolis" is off the table as a Telluride possibility.  It was announced yesterday that the film will have an August 17 release here in the U.S. thus insuring a no show for T-ride.

"Cosmopolis" received mixed reviews at Cannes.

I had always thought that its Telluride prospects were dicey at best.  Then  with the critical reaction from Cannes being what it was, I was even less convinced that we'd see it in the mountains.

You have to wonder if there was a lack of interest  from the fall festivals (T-ride, Venice and New York is scheduled to open in Canada today, which would also preclude a Toronto run) and if that might not have been a part of the decision process.

Additionally, Aug. 17 doesn't exactly scream awards positioning.

Here's the story from both Hollywood Elsewhere:

and The Playlist:


Joe Wright's "Anna Karenina" had some stills up yesterday on the Playlist and Awards Daily this morning.  "Anna" doesn't have a large Telluride profile, but it's not completely outside the realm of possibility.

It's Nov. 9 scheduled release date means some awards positioning is occurring and production/distribution outfits Focus Features,  Studio Canal and Working Title have had some, albeit slight, presences at Telluride in the last 5-6 years with "Brokeback Mountain", "Babel", "Into the Wild" and "Catch a Fire".

So put "Anna" down as a bout a 10% chance.

Here's the link to The Playlist story:

and Awards Daily:


Periodically, as this summer unfolds, I'm going to try to highlight a future film that may be in Telluride's sights for 2013 or beyond and provide some links to stories that have already appeared about them.

Starting with Jason Reitman's "Labor Day".  It stars Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet and is expected to be a 2013 release.  You have to think it will also be an awards stalker next year.

Also, since Reitman skipped Telluride this past year with "Young Adult", I'd be willing to bet serious money he returns to Colorado if it's at all possible with this new film.  Reitman has been very successful with previous Telluride bows for "Juno" and "Up in the Air".  And, come on, the film is titled "Labor Day".  How can it NOT play Labor Day weekend in Telluride?

On a purely personal level, I'd like to see him return to Telluride because I've had a couple of very nice, although short, conversations with him including a moment in 2007 when he introduces me to Diablo Cody.

Come back, Jason! And bring Josh and Kate with you!

Labor Day's IMDb page is here:

And stories from:

Just Jared:

The Playlist:

Thompson on Hollywood:

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