Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Anomalisa" Trailer / Abi Morgan and "Suffragette" / "Spotlight" in the T.V. Spotlight / Oscar Matters: The Gurus Speak and Oscar Poker

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A lot of fanfare occurred this week with the release of a trailer for Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson's stop motion animated "Anomalisa" which was a big hit among the Professionals at Telluride according to their responses to my informal survey posted last month.  Check the trailer here and a number of stories that announced its release below:

"Anomalisa" trailer via YouTube


"Suffragette" scribe Abi Morgan talks to Word and Film about the film:


"Spotlight" from director/writer Tom McCarthy dropped a 30 second television spot this week.  The film opens Friday.  Check the exclusive online posting of the T.V. spot at Indiewire here:


Movie City News has their first installment of The Gurus of Gold posted for the 2015-16 Oscar campaign.  The first pass includes Best Picture, Director and all four Acting categories.  Of interest to Telluride aficionados might be the following about TFF #42 films from the various categories:

Best Picture: "Spotlight" at #1 (barely edging "The Martian"), "Room" at #3, "Steve Jobs" at #8 and "Carol" at #9.  "Son of Saul" is at the #13 spot and "Beasts of No Nation' and "45 Years" each had a vote from the Gurus.

Best Direction: McCarthy/"Spotlight" #1, Haynes/"Carol" #7, Boyle/"Jobs" #8, Abrahamson/"Room" #9 and Nemes/"Saul" #10

Best Actress: Larson/"Room" #1, Blanchett/"Carol" #3, Mulligan/"Suffragette" #5, Rampling/"45 Years" #7.

Best Actor: Fassbender/"Jobs" #1, Depp/"Black Mass" #6.  Geza Rohrig from "Son of Saul" gets a vote.

Best Supporting Actress: Mara/"Carol" #1, Winslet/"Jobs" #3, Allen/"Room" #6, McAdams/"Spotlight" #8.  Juliette Nicholson from "Black Mass" gets a vote.

Best Supporting Actor: Keaton/"Spotlight" #2, Ruffalo/"Spotlight" #3, Elba/"Beasts" #5, Tremblay/"Room" #8 and Edgerton/"Black Mass #10.

If the Gurus are 100% accurate (and there are nine Best Picture nominations) then Telluride 2015 films will earn 14 nominations from these five categories.

The complete Gurus of Gold can be found here:


And Sasha Stone/Awards Daily and Jeffrey Wells/Hollywood Elsewhere are up with their latest edition of their podcast "Oscar Poker".  Here's the link to that:

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