Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Latest Toronto News is Almost No News

With what purports to be their final announcement this morning, the Toronto International Film Festival added films to its Discovery and New Wave sections and the upshot of that is that it changed virtually nothing in as far as I can tell about Telluride's lineup.

In their Discovery section, TIFF listed a single International Premiere and two Canadian Premieres (which are the films that you want to examine if you're looking for Telluride clues).  The International Premiere is for Aussie film "Downriver" which has played down under so that accounts for its status.  The two Canadian preems are for "Ixcanul" which premiered at Berlin as well as a number of other fests including one in Mexico which presumably was its North American (although the whole "Taxi" situation explained in today's earlier post makes you wonder...) and "James White" which played Sundance.

One interesting omission was "Carol" which Deadline.com's Pete Hammond suggested yesterday would be playing TIFF:


But there was no announcement to that affect.  Also, a number of TIFF followers and fans were hoping that Guillermo Del Toro's "Crimson Peak" might be added and that didn't happen either.

So, from my cursory glance at this morning's information, it seems that nothing was added to the Telluride table and not much was precluded either.

More tomorrow...

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