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New Toronto Titles Reveal No Telluride News / Views from Angelina Jolie's "By the Sea" / New Trailer for Cousins' Project/ I'm Official...Again

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The Toronto International Film Festival announced a number of new titles that were all from Canadian based film makers yesterday and were across a broad spectrum of that fests various programs.

Almost all of the films announced were labeled "World" or "North American" premieres.  The few that were labeled "International" or "Canadian" premieres all appear to have played their North American debuts at Sundance (Guy Maddin and Even Johnson's "The Forbidden Room" and Bruce McDonald's "Hellions") or have no real chance of being a part of the Telluride lineup.

Here's the linked coverage of Toronto's announcement yesterday:


Photo from the set of "By the Sea" via Awards Daily

Here's a film that has only a very small potential to play at Telluride.  The romance starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and directed by Jolie hasn't been announced for any fest as yet and my guess is that it's an unlikely film fest entrant at best.

Scheduled for a Nov. 13th domestic release, if it does play at a festival, New York or AFI are probably the best bets. and even they seem weird.  New York has already named its three big films that are opening, closing and acting as its centerpiece and AFI Fest is the week of the film's release.

The strongest chance of a Telluride play is that Pitt is persuasive about T-ride after his 2013 "12 Years a Slave" experience.  That said, Universal, which is producing and distributing the film, doesn't have long/strong Telluride ties.

Nevertheless, Awards Daily has the first look at stills from the film via People here:


"Atomic" trailer via YouTube

I have been proceeding all summer with the notion in my head that we'd likely see Mark Cousins "I Am Belfast" documentary as a part of the Telluride lineup next month but another project that the prolific film maker has been working on may also make the T-ride grade either with "Belfast" or instead of.

Cousins has completed a BBC project entitle "Storyville: Atomic-Living in Dread and Promise" which focuses on the place that the atom has captured in our lives since the dawn of the proverbial "Atomic Age.

The Playlist posted a story yesterday looking at the project and its soundtrack and also introducing a trailer (see above).

The documentary is set to air on the BBC this week...but sounds like a golden opportunity for a Telluride screening.

Here's The Playlist post:


For the fourth consecutive year, Michael's Telluride Film Blog has been accredited as an official entity covering the Telluride Film Festival.  My thinks to Shannon Mitchell, VP of Publicity, Richard Parkin, PR Coordinator and Kean Bauman, Lead Press Staff for the Fest for granting the accreditation.

As always, I will do my level best in the next month to prepare for and then  report on the 42nd edition of the Telluride Film Festival.  It's truly an honor and such a special experience.

That's all for today.  Tomorrow: a look at the latest "Ten Bets" list for TFF #42 as well as ruminations on the latest announced project for the Coen Brothers.  Stay tuned...

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