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Post TIFF #3 Backtracks and Corrections / Some "Hateful" Footage Coming Your Way

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I guess you know you've made it when enough people read what you write and care enough about it that they want to help you get it right.  That was at least part of my experience yesterday as the Toronto International Film Festival added several new films to their lineups with a focus on their documentaries, Midnight Madness, classics and Vanguard segments.  Here is what we learned after yesterday's announcement and posts here at MTFB:

My hope that the mysterious film alluded to by Showbiz411 might be some version of Orson Welles "The Other Side of the Wind" will go unfulfilled.  Instead that appears to be Sidney Pollack film, "Amazing Grace", a recording of an Aretha Franklin live performance from the early 70's that was announced by TIFF yesterday as an International Premiere.  That combined with a Showbiz411 post from yesterday as well led to my claim that it would play Telluride.

Here's the link to the TIFF press release with "Amazing Grace" listed as an International Premiere:

And the Showbiz411 story in which the producer claims that it will play Telluride:

But an astute reader commented that the L.A. Times was reporting that the Toronto screening would be the film's "first ever" screening.  That article is here:

At bottom, I am cautiously thinking that I have this one right and that "Amazing Grace" is a pretty good bet for Telluride.

I got some interesting feedback concerning all of this from a couple of places yesterday.  Loyal reader and good friend Christopher Schiller sent along a very interesting read about the unlikelihood of any of us seeing any version of Welles' "Wind" any time soon.  That's here:

So, all in all...a humbling experience and not the only one.

I also got really excited that Jafhar Panahi's "Taxi" was listed as a Canadian Premiere in the TIFF announcement yesterday.  This, I said, indicates a Telluride play...woo-hoo!

Fortunately for accuracy's sake, "metalmeatwad" (@MichaelNotCera) messaged me on Twitter to tell me, quite rightly, that "Taxi" had bowed at a film festival in Mexico last April which would qualify as its North American premiere.  That information means, that unless Telluride violates its own "North American" premiere policy, that the exact opposite is the case and that "Taxi" will NOT be a Telluride play.

"metalmeatwad" also passed along that Charlie Kaufman's Venice presentation of "Anomalisa"  is actually occurring after Telluride is over.  Assuming that it IS playing Telluride, and I think it will, that reverses what has been the common practice of a film playing Venice and then flying to Telluride.  Examples this year...we're pretty sure include "Black Mass" and "Beasts of No Nation" and maybe one other film...which leads me to this...

I give...I surrender.  Too many people with way better access to inside film information have said that Tom McCarthy's Spotlight" will run through Telluride after Venice and before Toronto.  I have been resisting that conclusion as TIFF had some confusion in their labeling of the film's premiere status but...I'm relenting finally because I seem to be the only one that is very skeptical at this point.  I'm not saying that I'm 100% sure that "Spotlight" will play (though I'd prefer that it does) at Telluride but am now saying that it could be possible.

Luckily for my fragile ego, it seems very, very likely that the Davis Guggenheim doc "He Named Me Malala" is set to be a part of The SHOW as it was listed as an International Premiere and has yet to play anywhere else in the far as I can tell.

In as far as other news coming from the TIFF announcement yesterday...

It looks relatively likely that "Hitchcock/Truffaut" will play at Telluride and quite probably Laurie Anderson's "Heart of a Dog".

We also can eliminate four films from our Telluride deliberations as they are listed as World or North American Premieres for TIFF:

"Our Little Sister"
"The Assassin"
"Every Thing Will Be Fine" and
"Cemetery of Splendor"

Toronto should have at least one more major set of announcements coming next week.  As of today, there are still a lot of films that have had no fall film fest claim them:

"I Saw the Light"
"Our Brand is Crisis"
"In the Heart of the Sea"
"By the Sea"
"Steve Jobs"
"Secret in Their Eyes"
"Bridge of Spies"
"Queen of the Desert"
"Salt and Fire"
"45 Years"
"13 Minutes"
"Adam Jones/Burnt"
"The Light Between Oceans"
"Crimson Peak"
"The 33"
"The Last Face"


Various sources reported yesterday that an actual trailer for Quentin Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight" will be showing up in theaters this weekend.  That's some exciting news and I'll be very curious to see what that looks like.

The news that "H8" has a trailer fans the flames for those of us who are hoping that there is some kind of presence for that film over Labor Day weekend.

Ina perfect and magical world, we'd get to see the complete film as well as a surprise screening of the just finished Inarritu film "The Revenant".  What a double  Won't happen, but a guy can dream.

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